‘Belgian Rambo’ who sparked five-week national manhunt, committed suicide in ‘first few days’

Jürgen Konings, an extremist soldier nicknamed “Belgian Rambo” after Evading the capture of the special forces While escaping with four stolen rocket launchers, he may have died throughout the five weeks of patriotic searching launched to fetch him.

Konings, 46, a sniper who has served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, abandoned his car near a national park in Flanders on May 18, as the country moved on to high terror alert and guarded military barracks and mosques.

Special forces backed by helicopters repeatedly searched 12,000 hectares of pine forest and desert land in Hoge Kampen in the ensuing days and weeks in a hunt costing at least £556,530.

A major military operation involving 600 soldiers, including Dutch and German soldiers, failed to find Koonings, who became a hero in anti-vaccination campaigns and made death threats against Belgium’s most famous coronavirus expert, Marc van Ranst.

Finally, Conings’ decomposing body was accidentally found in Hoge Kempen Park on June 20, after A passing fisherman noticed a strong smell.

A pedometer app on his mobile phone showed he walked just 800 steps on May 18, leading prosecutors to believe he killed himself shortly thereafter.

“He probably committed suicide in the first few days after his disappearance,” said Prosecutor General Frederic van Leeuw.

The corpse was only 150 meters from where the 220 soldiers had recently stopped searching. Analysis and decomposition of the flies’ larvae was unable to determine the exact date of his death, due to the extremely variable temperatures during the time he was lost.

The corporal, who was on a far-right terror watch list, had fled with a cache of weapons taken from a barracks after leaving letters declaring that he no longer wanted to live in a society ruled by “politicians and virologists” and would join the resistance.

Konings withdrew his savings of around £2,500 and drew an amount list of potential targets, Including Mr. Van Ranst, who was hastily taken to a police bunker where he was held for weeks.

Sightings of Conings were reported, calls were issued for his abandonment, security concerns were issued about visits by EU leaders to Brussels, and Joe Biden reported when the fugitive was already dead.


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