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Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are dating after ‘BIP’ split – Hollywood Life

In the months since Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs ended things in the “Bachelor in Heaven” finale, they’ve rekindled their relationship and are now officially back!

Becca Kafrin And Thomas Jacobs We are back together! The two broke up during the finale Bachelor in Heaven, which aired on ABC on October 5. However, in the months since filming for the show ended, they have reconciled and are now back together again.

Becca and Thomas reunion was revealed in the last moments of Bachelor in Heaven Conclusion. The couple started dating again after leaving the show. “They are happy and in love,” the show declared.

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs attend the Bachelor in Heaven concert. (ABC)

Thomas was spending time with another beep racer Tami LeeAnd When Becca reached the beach before the second rose ceremony. However, when I asked him on a date, they hit herAnd he ended things up with Tammy to be with Becca. The two continued to enjoy each other’s company for the next several weeks, forming a strong relationship in heaven. Thomas even turned down appointments with the newcomers to focus on Becca.

However, before the fantasy wings, Becca begins to have some doubts about whether or not the relationship will ever work out in the real world. She was worried that Thomas was “too good to be true,” while he told her he was falling in love with her. After an intense conversation, they decide to leave the beach separately before Paradise ends in early July, but the breakup obviously didn’t last long!

Becca was one of the most recognizable faces of Paradise this summer, as she was the only contestant to appear on the show after becoming a lead BSC or The bachelorette. Becca got involved in Garrett Yrigoyen in season from The bachelorette In 2018, but split up In the summer of 2020 after Garrett’s marriage Controversial posts on social media About the Black Lives Matter movement. Can Becca finally find her happy forever!?

Becca Kafrin Thomas Jacobs
Becca Kufrin gives Thomas Jacobs a reply on BIP. (ABC)

Meanwhile, Thomas has been portrayed as the “villain”. Katie Thurston season The bachelorette in 2021 due to his admission that he attended the show hoping to become The Bachelor one day. In fact, Katie told him that before eliminate it At the rose party. However, Thomas came to Heaven to redeem his character, and captured Becca’s heart in the process!

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