BBC gave a lesson on the potential risks of Katie Price booking Celeb MasterChef – Ian Hyland

Katie Price’s debut on MasterChef coincided with unsettling headlines after the former Page 3 star between filming and casting.

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Katie Price admits she’s not used to praising the celebrity expert

The BBC got a quick lesson this week into the potential risks of Katie Price’s detention.

It might be box office gold, but there’s always a chance Katie’s home life between filming and casting takes a surprising turn that threatens to derail the entire show.

And that’s proven, as her appearance on Celebrity MasterChef has coincided with some troubling headlines.

For once, the BBC decided the show should go on – and I’m happy about that. For selfish reasons, had he been pulled, I would have been destroyed.

This has been the best celebrity culinary series while being yelled at by two rowdy dudes in years.

Katie Price stars in Celebrity MasterChef


BBC/Shine TV)

I’d even go so far as to say it saved summer for poor, thirsty TV viewers—especially if, like me, you’re the unfortunate part of sitting in nightly episodes of Love Island where the same things happen almost every night.

However, the main reason I was happy to see that the bib had reined in her usual outbursts was because Katie had been spending a week in that kitchen.

I wouldn’t be so smug to claim her cooking baffled all expectations, but even by her own admission, it was a pleasant surprise.

It also made something of a mockery for the show’s producers, who mischievously/rudely decided that the best way to celebrate Katie’s arrival would be to task everyone with making the perfect dumpling.

The only surprise was that they didn’t slip some giant watermelons into the fruit identification round either.

Katie raised above all things with grace. She was definitely better off than Greg Wallace, who drifted completely away, shouting “Melissa John’s pies are phenomenal! Looks like she’s got two rugby balls in there!”

Katie surprised viewers with her skills in the kitchen


BBC/Shine TV)

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It wasn’t the worst thing Greg did to former Cory star Melissa.

Not only did he and John Torode mock her unnecessarily lumpy cedar by holding it as high as the Statue of Liberty, but they also chose to kick it out in favor of Joe Swash, who spent the week winking at the camera, and Mickey out. From anyone else’s cooking and being a general pain at Aris.

Now, you can be charitable and point out that Joe was simply doing something in front of the cameras.

Unfortunately, there is one obvious flaw in this defense. Millions of people watched him try to work at EastEnders for five years.

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