BBC breakfast broadcast in Manchester was cut short by protesters

A protester cuts off a live BBC Breakfast broadcast in Manchester.

Nina Warhurst was at the wholesale market in the city after The latest official figures on the cost of living They were released on Wednesday morning.

It was revealed that inflation rose to 3.2 percent in August, its highest level in nearly a decade. The numbers are up 2% in July.

BBC Breakfast hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin went to Nina talking to workers at the wholesale market.

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The first, Mariella Gabot, explained how a container imported from Greece cost £3,000 before Brexit, but the exact same container with the same goods is now £14,000.

But when Nina moved to another part of the warehouse market, a man suddenly approached with a sign.

“Against the BBC,” the protester said, also written on a piece of paper.

“Oh my God,” said Nina, looking directly at the camera, as the man stood yelling at the camera.

The moment the protester approaches

He continued, “Twenty-six years ago the anti-British BBC…” before Nina pulled her next guest to the side to continue broadcasting.

“Can we talk about this in a moment?” I asked as he continued.

Then the camera had to cut out a picture of Dan and Louise in the studio in Salford.

“Nina, thank you very much,” said Louise. “We’ll be back with you in a bit.”

“That’s a bit unfortunate, isn’t it,” Dunn added. “We were counting on Nina to give us some insight into how the new inflation numbers are affecting business and what kind of things we should be discussing this morning.”

The hosts then took to the show to discuss Louise’s last day on the show after 20 years.

The emotional Louise was welcomed into the newsroom when she hosted BBC Breakfast for the last time.

The presenter, 53, made her first appearance on the anchor’s main morning show in 2001 and joked that she was leaving to escape the stressful start early.

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