Battlefield 2042’s controversial Santa Claus may be for ‘single time use’ and may not appear at all this year.

Battlefield 2042’s latest update accidentally reveals the skin of ‘Father Winter’ – which is not well received by some fans – DICE has said that holiday cosmetics should be for ‘single time use’ And that some may not appear in the game. Absolutely this year.

A Twitter thread (below) shared by Battlefield Developers seeks to allay fans’ concerns about leaked skin. “Some of you today accidentally caught a glimpse of some holiday themed cosmetics and we wanted to help clarify their intended use,” the statement read.

“We need to work months ahead to develop the live service, and when we reach the critical moments of our first year, it enables us to have options. Use them all this holiday season.” . “

Although the developer never mentioned the controversial ‘Father Winter’ skin by name, it is likely that this is at least part of the reason for the message. It seems that even more exotic skins may be limited to some limited time modes instead of being available throughout the game:

“We also create unique cosmetics for one-time use in special Battlefield portal methods to further enhance fantasy at special events,” the thread continued. “During our live service, you may occasionally encounter these mood-locked cosmetics, which do not affect the rest of the game. It gives us all exciting new opportunities to work on the battlefield that gives us Allows you to explore more creatively than ever before. “

The developer concludes by stating to fans that support from the game community is not something that is accepted before it is added that it is grateful for players’ feedback on these methods.

Although the statement does not specifically state what the game’s other priorities are, it does point to a number of dental issues that have plagued the title since its launch. The team has worked hard to implement significant improvements to the game, with reports from Bullet Bloom fans ranging from car crashes and more to post-launch issues.

Although fans have expressed their frustration with the game through social media and platform reviews, DICE will almost certainly be hoping that its continued work on the title Allows me to be convinced of the latest changes in

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