Battlefield 2042 fans worried about Santa Claus skin leak •

Update 3/12/21: DICE, developer of Battlefield 2042, has responded to yesterday’s leak of the upcoming Santa Claus skin – which caused a backlash among fans of the military shooter.

In a long time Twitter Thread, DICE did not mention Santa’s skin by name – but generally talked about the use of “unique cosmetics” which he added to “special #Battlefield Portal modes” to further enhance fantasy at special events. Was designed for After all, the suggestion is that you will not be able to run away as Santa by all means forever.

DICE also pointed out that such cosmetics are prematurely planned and designed – possibly to counter the frustration among some fans who thought that the studio game was about making cosmetics instead of fixing bugs. Wasting time

“Development for Live Service requires us to work months in advance, and enables us to have options when we reach the critical moments of our first year,” DICE continued. “Today, we have other priorities, and so as long as we have skins, we have no plans to use them all this holiday season.”

After yesterday’s reaction, will Santa be seen now? Many players still do not have hope.

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Original Story 2/12/21: To say that Battlefield 2042 started somehow would be a trivial matter.

DICE is making a fuss to patch up the game after being bitten by a bug. But just as it has begun to alleviate community frustration with the game, the EA developer has launched a collection of new frustrations.

Today’s update includes a range of cosmetic items that seemingly happened very soon, although this explains why the update is in 5GB size (on PlayStation 5).

The players didn’t do much favorably on the hidden cosmetics, which one Fan Described as “Fortnight Skins” (sorry, Fortnight fans).

But one particular volume has been found particularly offensive to the hardcore battlefield community: the legendary “Father Winter”.

Available to expert Pyotr Boris Guskovsky, the centrifuge operator wears a red hooded jacket that perfectly complements Boris’s lush beard.

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The most important grip players have is DICE’s creative decision to move away from the dark and harsh tone for which the franchise is known to favor Fortnight, which is constantly monetized by the addition of new cosmetics.

“DICE expects that I will be able to take seriously the game with Santa Claus literally running around shooting people where it is believed that there is a world where billions of people are being displaced, naturally Disasters are destroying the planet, and a major global proxy war is imminent, “a Reddit commentator questioned. “And we have to keep that in mind with Santa Fucking Claus running on the battlefield.”

A similar issue is raised with post-match quips, which seem out of place in a game where players actively slaughter each other.

DICE has not yet commented on the fan response to the latest additions.

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