Bats’ brains are designed for navigation

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Bats’ brains are designed for navigation

They found that both in random exploration and during navigation during round direction, such as in feeding work, bats retained a detailed local memory of both their environment and routes. Experiments have also revealed that bats are well aware of their future positions.

“We have neurons that are firing at the same time, but represent different parts of the highway,” Dotson said. “So it represents the past, present and future, not just now.”

Being able to chart your status over time with this natural GPS system is one of the biggest ways for bats to survive, helping them to find food and avoid predators.

Studies show that different types can weigh on the relevance of past, present and future experiences in different ways. For example, in a survival scenario such as “jumping a tree or skiing down at high speed between tree branches or humans”, information about the future may be the most important for survival.

“Bats need to plan both in time and in the future to succeed in their hunting style,” said Melville Wahljemot, a researcher at Batab University in Arizona. Are. “

Examining breeds other than their own species has long been a hallmark of neuroscience, and a study of bats’ hippocampus can give scientists more insight into how certain diseases affect our own brains. ۔

For example, learning more about bats can help us understand how we view Alzheimer’s disease. A mental illness that gradually destroys cognitive functions and memory. Alzheimer’s patients obviously have difficulty navigating new routes or new places, even when they have experienced it a few times.


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