Batista confirms James Bond broke his nose

No time to die, Daniel Craig’s latest role as James Bond, is finally released in theaters around the world next month. The staff is doing a talk show to promote the movie, and Craig has talked about a tale The Graham Norton Show It’s getting a lot of play online today (the clip is embedded above).

Discussing the injuries he sustained during his five 007 films, Craig shared how he sustained a knee injury while shooting a train fight with Dave Bautista’s Mr. Hinx character in 2015. ghost. While ending the scene with a brace after treatment, the English actor grabbed the former professional wrestler with a heavy blow to the schnoz.

“I was outside, and then we came back and reshoot, and I had to shoot him with a prop and we kind of – it was a struggle to do that. But I broke his nose… I didn’t do it on purpose, it was a mistake. And it was like – like I said, he’s a big guy, A professional wrestler, you’re not really going to mess with him, and I threw this punch, hit him in the nose and heard that crack, and I went, ‘Oh God no!’ and run away [laughs] Because I thought he would come after me. And he was so cute, he literally did something like that [mimics re-setting a broken nose] “Ah, it’s okay.” He’s much stronger than me, I’ll give you that.”

Just professional spinning tales? No. Our guy Big Dave has the proof.

His eyes were barely watering. this is difficult.

Unfortunately, The Animal couldn’t do as much as Mr. Hinx, so it’s hard to rank very high in the Bond villain power ratings. At least we’ll always have that story.

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