Bath & Bodyworks 3-Week Candle Cell brings customers into the virtual line.

  • Bath and Body Works online users want to buy discounted 3-week candles in a virtual line.
  • China’s annual candle sales are popular and frequent.
  • Bath & Bodyworks was one of the winners of Black Friday this year.

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Bath & Bodyworks is hosting its annual Candle Day Sale, and customers have to wait in line before accessing the website and starting shopping.

The Big Three Week Candles are available at $ 10.25, which is 60% more than their normal price of $ 25.50. Although still a big discount, according to USA Today, this year’s Candle Day is slightly more expensive than last year’s قیمت 9.95 sale price.

Virtual Line keeps customers in a kind of online holding room until it’s their turn to shop. According to the store description, shoppers can line up their place even if they close the website, as long as cookies are enabled. They can also sign up with their email address to be alerted when it comes to purchases. Once you’re in the store, you have ten minutes to start browsing before you get to the back of the line.

Online sales began at 6 a.m. ET, and around 9:30 the wait was 24 minutes, Insider found. The retailer said sales would continue as long as supply continued. The deal is also available at Bath and Bodyworks stores, most of which were open early on Friday.

Black Friday sales were flat this year compared to 2020 and at the bottom of estimates, but specialty retailers such as Bath and Bodyworks still managed to perform well. On a mall tour in Rochester, New York


Insiders found that most of the empty shopping centers were filled with bathrooms and bodyworks.

Neil Saunders, an analyst at Global Data Retail, told Insider that specialty stores such as Bath and Bodyworks have significant discounts to bring customers into stores compared to larger box retailers. The series has created a buzz among consumers at annual events such as the Three Week Sale and Boy Three Gate Three to attract customers both in stores and online.

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