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Bachelor Nation slams ‘Paradise’ contestants for chasing influence

Bachelor in Heaven Contestants Brendan Morais and Pieper James officially became the season’s most hated people when they revealed their master plan to go on the show just to appear on TV and build their Instagram following.

Rumors circulated earlier in the season about Brendan having an affair with Pieper at home, and it turns out they were all true. From day one, Brendan had been hooking up with Natasha Parker to secure his spot on the beach just until Pieper arrived, which happened Monday night.

During Pieper and Brendan’s singles dating, Brendan said to Pieper, “It should be you and I, first of all, before anyone else, before anyone else on the beach. And that’s the only way we’ll be able to do this, like, that Be in the position we want to be in, and take advantage of this time here, and benefit, you know, what Heaven will promote together.” Meanwhile, Pieper shared, “I’m here for Brendan. He’s my boyfriend, we’re dating, and I’m here, like, to continue our relationship. We’re so in agreement about what it means to be here together and the next steps for us and sort of our expectations here at Paradise. We’re going to spend We have a great time together and we make this time really important, so let’s hope everything goes according to plan.”

The next day at the beach, it was clear to everyone that Brendan and Pieper had a long history before they came to the show. However, during a private conversation between the two of them, while they were still wearing their microphones, viewers learned how far they were going.

The two were heard talking about the Us Weekly article, which helped both gain more Instagram followers. Pieper bragged to Brendan about the fact that she made it to 78000 before heading to heaven. “The best part is, for example, how many times your name will be mentioned before you’re on the show,” Brendan told Pieper, who replied, “That’s what Serena was saying. She was like, ‘I’m going to literally get more time in front of me’.” screen before you set foot in the sand.” Brendan also tried to cover his microphone, telling Pieper, “I have incriminated myself enough that it feels like I’m screwed up.”

And just when it seemed like Brendan couldn’t make himself look any worse, his microphone grabbed him as he made incredibly rude comments about Natasha. “She had no prospects. Like, it’s not like I was holding her back from anyone. Like, I don’t know if she had one, real, viable possibility, like, otherwise, you know?” As if he had done her a favor.

Bachelor Nation was hot because of Brendan’s comment on Natasha, and on the deception that he and Bieber had planned. It didn’t take long for viewers to unfollow her on social media. In fact, before the episode ended, viewers started a non-linear wave on each of their Instagram profiles and took to Twitter to attack the two:

Meanwhile, fellow heaven The contestants were also on the same page as the viewers. Deandra Kanu stated, “The only reason I think Pieper and Brendan are here is for influence, is for TV time, broadcast time, because if I had a guy I knew I got along with and he was coming to the beach, the only explanation for why you were here that It makes sense to be on TV. To me, if I were Pieper and Brendan, I wouldn’t waste time at the beach. I’d send myself home. Just leave the beach,” while Tia Booth explained, “I feel like people who had stopped working before this , and who have already proven that they are with each other, and they come on the show, it’s like a mutual agreement, like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to give you a rose. You give me a rose. Our Instagram followers are going to get paid to be here, and it’s going to be a great time and it’s going to look so natural. ”

Bachelor in Heaven Broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm on ABC.

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