Baby Shark banned Ludwig from YouTube after leaving Twitch

Ludwig Agrin appeared in a Christmas sweater after YouTube was banned.

Screenshot: Ludwig Ahgren / YouTube / Kotaku

It took mega-streamer Ludwig Agrin less than a week Quitting Twitch for YouTube To temporarily ban Google’s video platform. His fault? Briefly stream Baby Shark children’s songs.

Ahgren was watching other YouTube videos on his third day on the platform when the feed ran out of nearly 25,000 views. In a video uploaded to a secondary channel yesterday, He explained what happened.

“I’ve been trying to find the 50 most classic vintage YouTube videos of all time to find out which is the biggest YouTube video ever,” he said. “And along the way I ended up listening to just a few seconds of baby sharks that I wouldn’t dare listen to for another second for God’s love. There’s an iron fist on YouTube, and that’s why they took me down.

Ahgren said he assumed that YouTube’s copyright ID system would flag the series to implement the correct revenue splits on the backend instead of taking it completely offline, so he would not do such a wrong calculation again. Will “It’s a good note for the future,” he said. “It’s crazy that I was banned in the first four days on YouTube and I was never banned in the first four years on Twitch but the pain is getting worse, we’re going through that.”

Before becoming The most recent high profile twitch streamer Leaving the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Ahgren was known to break the record for most subscribers earlier this year. This distinction came later Twenty-four hours a day Which lasted more than 30 days.

Contains copyrighted music. This has long been a problem for streamers. Who can stop their work or even see the torpedo temporarily for minor offenses. However, the baby shark is probably more than an electric stick for legal trouble. The song has been playing for some time, but in 2016 it became the most-viewed YouTube video after being offered more than 9 billion views by South Korean children’s education company Punk Phong.

Kids who probably shouldn’t watch YouTube first have been influencing their parents ever since. Now even the streamers are learning to fear the death knell of her song.


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