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Guiding with empathy and emotional intelligence has never been more important in business than it is now.

Customer loyalty standards and expectations are being set by brands that communicate the customer experience in a dynamic, dynamic way. If brands fail to do so – and quickly – they run the risk of consumers feeling unaware, lost, or neglected, resulting in a widening gap with competitors that close over time. Too big to be.

Humanization is a new personal nature, and consumers look for brand messages that reflect it. Relevant, empathetic, valuable experiences can evoke emotions, confidence and positive emotions. When you combine data-driven content with emotional resonance, experience also forces action and deepens customer engagement.

Personal CX can be difficult. Consider video: It’s always been a medium that brands want to use more often, but adding video to a unique CX seems difficult and unrealistic.

Video is easy to digest: it’s heartwarming and entertaining, and it’s widely accessible via mobile devices. It tells the story like any other medium, using both verbal and visual communication. But in a rapidly changing world, Video can have a short shelf life. And becomes increasingly obsolete, making it difficult for companies to justify higher production costs.

Still, some brands create YouTube channels with countless videos that just sit there. Why are marketers offering opportunities to create more valuable consumers? Videos on consumer-owned channels – whether on a brand’s website, on a portal or via email – are where you can use what you already know about a user to provide greater engagement. Yes, depending on the context of the channel.

When you want to know how something is done, the reaction to today’s kneeling is not to search the user manual, it is to search YouTube. Video is what people want, and companies that use B2B video marketing to improve C2 will come forward.

Video marketing leads consumers through change.

Companies today need to focus on simplicity, efficiency and emotion. Forster’s 2020 playbook.. Consumers are increasingly seeking helpful information, and they are not moving beyond the ordinary.

Video Driving Experience (VX) has become a part of Digital CX due to its unique video capability. Express empathy And communicate emotional intelligence, easy-to-use messages, and effectively communicate what is perceived on a personal level.

VX is now being used by smart brands for a variety of engagement purposes, ranging from customer acquisition for digital and growth marketers to the value of education for product marketers, explaining processes such as billing for customer marketers. Is up to This has been especially useful for welcoming new customers and onboarding, as it is much easier to create an attitude when the user is likely to be engaged than to change how they work under the road. Are

For example, if a user has long relied on your brick and mortar location, or even your website, it would not be easy to start using the expensive new app you developed. The expected increase in user engagement, marketing ability, targeted sales, customer support, and process improvement can be eliminated simply because once a person gets into the habit of working in a certain way, habits change. Hard to do

The opportunity to establish the right digital practices from the outset should not be overlooked. That’s why, especially in the current socially distant climate, big brands are using VX to increase engagement and strengthen relationships.

What’s more, once people were reluctant to test digital waters, they are now diving. Because of the epidemics they had to learn to interact with brands digitally – whether they were buying groceries or depositing checks through an app – the benefits became clear. Now, once hesitant digital converters are demanding that all companies provide the same level of experience.

Companies that can’t get customers through such a change or show how easy it is to use their services and tools will send business to their competitors in the coming year. The right VX can deepen prospects in your digital resources and bring your tools to life, which is why brands are increasing their investment in video marketing.

Video marketing makes it personal.

Most brands have a B2B video marketing strategy, but it’s often hidden from their CX strategy, and it doesn’t resonate with viewers often. Brands that use platforms to promote static, stale content fail to consider the needs of current and future consumers. People who continue this approach get out of touch.

But how do you make a difference with a static, linear video that has already cost a fortune? Whenever the world gets closer to normal, reclaim the entire asset, which can never really come back.

CX practitioners should begin to atomize and deconstruct their content to be used dynamically in modular ways. By doing so, individual pieces can be quickly updated, which combines the speed of content with the pace of changing customer needs and expectations.

A good example of one of the ways that B2B technology companies can use VX to their advantage is by getting new customers on board. There are different types of tech users within a client account, such as administrators, power users, support users and billing contacts. Each user has different goals and preferences for using the platform, so the first step can be delivered with modular video content that can be rearranged with different messages based on each person’s goals.

For example, the first steps for an administrator may focus on highlighting the number of products and licenses purchased, adding users to the system, and integrating any business application integration. A billing contact may receive similar messages around the number of products and licenses purchased to set expectations for annual costs and payment terms.

From there, the B2B video experience allows daily users to communicate based on the steps they take to get the most value out of the platform, and therefore set them up for success. Topical video content that already exists in your Learning Center or Help Center can be pulled out based on user behavior or lack of action to highlight features that have not yet been adopted.

To take it to the next level, companies can use customer data to create personalized VX that contains only information about that person. This is especially convenient with established customers because you already have deep relationships and data points. However, you don’t need deep data, you just need technology and flexibility to get the most out of the data you have.

Ride with B2B video marketing.

You can get the best services in the world and offer the best products, but new customers will be disappointed if they have difficulty using or accessing them.

The onboarding material mentioned earlier also gives you a springboard for another big segment of the business that has seen rapid growth during epidemics: customer support.

The epidemic has affected industries in many ways. In telecommunications, Charter Communications Provided an example of an interactive VX that managed to overcome a new problem: the inability of technicians to enter homes for installation.

Charter knew users wouldn’t watch a 15-minute video on setup if they were just looking for help programming the remote. So he broke all the self-installing topics into short, problem-related video chapters. Whatever the problem – whether connecting the router or handling it remotely – users can choose the most relevant topic in VX, handle the problem quickly, and communicate without having to endure the painful long installation video ۔

As a result, the charter drastically reduced cancellations, truck rules, and inbound calls. It also started its customer relations with a VX right foot that brought customers on board easily and safely.

This is the kind of smart solution companies will need. However, the face-to-face service has not yet fully returned, and since the VX approach is gaining operational benefits, it could offer a glimpse into the future. Why wait for hours for the installer when you can easily do it yourself?

Customer support can also use video to notify users of changes to their account service and related costs. VX should not be overlooked by B2B technology companies whose customers have aggregate travel to increase their touch points.

VX offers the opportunity to make changes to user accounts, especially if renewal costs exceed expectations due to overuse, or because new user licenses were added in the past. Explaining such changes via video, the platform simplifies the moment of renewal for subscriptions and a positive customer experience for all product users, while delivering value to the customer over the past year. Stabilizes

Video leads us to an exciting future.

Brands do not want to appear as insensitive at this time, and this can make recommendations and promotions difficult and unauthentic. For example, you don’t want to be a credit card provider that aggressively focuses on the benefits associated with international air travel while people are still reluctant to travel.

United Airlines Sensitive to epidemics when it launched VX to educate and celebrate members of its MileagePlus loyalty program. Prior to the epidemic, her focus was urging members to take another flight within the next 30 days to earn gold status in the program شاید perhaps via video of the stylish airport lounge and the customer happily in person. Talking about

Obviously, this type of content would be flat when members were wondering if the flight was safe. Video content shows what to expect – what safety measures to take and how to prepare for the trip – they wanted the most. And similarly, the airline adjusted video views and messaging, resulting in a video marketing program that increased brand loyalty while still allowing access.

The right VX approach can help brands turn consumer frustration and anxiety into active engagement and positive results. Make no mistake: As the coming year draws to a close, companies that are waiting to return to the past instead of moving forward can sacrifice their future.

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