Avengers star Paul Bettany will play Andy Warhol in the new Young Vic show

cooperation, in Young Vic, will focus on the two men’s unexpected friendship at a time when Warhol was at the height of his fame and Basquiat was just emerging from the city’s graffiti scene.

Pop art pioneer Warhol, whose blonde wig and outrageous style made him one of the most famous artists of the 20th century, best known for his trademark portraits of celebrities, including Debbie Harry and Marilyn Monroe, was at the center of the New York art scene while Basquiat, who died of an overdose in 1988, he made a name for himself for the first time as a street artist.

American artist and director Andy Warhol in 1980

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Bettany first found fame playing the title role in the crime drama Gangster No. 1 before starring in films such as Master and Commander, Wimbledon and The Avengers where he plays Vision.

Paul Bettany as Vison in The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

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The play, written by Academy Award-nominated writer Anthony McCarten, will star American actor Jeremy Pope as Basquiat with both actors in the frame to star in a film version expected to begin production soon.

It opens in February and will be followed in May by an Oklahoma production! After a critically acclaimed Broadway tour, she was praised for her dark, dark brilliance on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical.

Technical Director Young Vic Kwame Koi Armah, who will also direct The Collaboration, said both shows asked viewers to “lean close and challenge our preconceptions.”

Kwame Koi Armah

/ Daniel Hambri

He said, “There is a moment at the beginning of every stage show when you and your colleagues take a collective breath before diving into a story that can irreversibly change you or your point of view.

“In my opinion, the businesses and projects announced today channel that energy. When we present them, I ask that we breathe together, listen well and be open to re-imagine what we thought we knew.”


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