Auto experts use Apple patents to create interactive 3D models of what the Apple car looks like.

Car experts in Winarama have created an impressive interactive 3D model of what they think the Apple car might look like based on Apple’s official patent. This concept shows the exterior design of the car as well as the interior. The model illustrates design decisions using helpful notes that detail Apple’s relevant patents. This may look great on some of the ideas that Apple will include in its future car project.

Exterior and chassis

The Vanarama model is fully 3D, allowing you to rotate the car 360º for front, side and rear view. The design seems to draw some inspiration from the cyber truck, albeit with rounded corners. The first thing you may notice is the non-pillar design of the glass cover, which includes windows, sunroofs and windshields. This special patent, US10384519B1, shows that Apple has invented a way to make a car without the need for a chassis up to the top of the doors, by distributing different panels of glass.

Patent US10384519B1 compliant doors have also been used on the exterior of the car. Vanarma has the freedom to add some extra Apple Flair, such as a Mac Pro-style mesh grille on the front, a soft white chassis, and retractable door handles.

Admission and software

From the inside, Vanarma has modeled a large continuous touch display that is spread across the entire dashboard. Patent US20200214148A1 will allow Apple to integrate seamless ultra wide displays. Winarma has consistently taken this dashboard design and mocked some of Apple’s software for the car. It uses several patents to create a fully customizable dashboard of controls and information, as well as a version of the Siri that acts as an intelligent driving assistant.

If you take a closer look, you can see some smart temperature controls, a launcher for opening apps like CarPlay, Siri’s viewform, now playing controls, and much more. They also seem to have integrated a display in the middle of the steering wheel, which, as you can see, is not a circle.

What we think

Of course, since this concept only uses Apple’s patents and not the design of real rumors, this is pure speculation. Apple’s early patents rarely show what a product really looks like when it finally hits the market. But, this is the first real Apple car we’ve ever seen. It is reasonable and does not seem too big. Its design is on trend and suitable for the target audience.

Here are two things I think are unlikely to happen in Apple Car. First of all, the Apple logo is everywhere in this concept. I think, knowing Apple, the location of the logo will be very small. The design of the car will be so different that anyone can recognize it immediately without looking at the logo. I bet there will be only one back and forth. Secondly, I doubt that the steering wheel will be a perfect circle. Apple likes harmonious symmetrical designs, and what is shown in this concept does not suit me.

What do you think of Vanarama’s Apple Car concept? Be sure to check it out and let us know in the comments below!

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