Auto Body Shop Website Mistakes.

Most collision repair services nowadays have a website and feel that their online presence has done their job well. Well, I came to tell you that your work is not complete. Sorry!

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Let’s talk about the 10 common mistakes that body shops make on their website. Honestly, I don’t blame you for most of these mistakes. The blame lies mostly with your website design company. Unfortunately, most website design companies just want to get your money’s worth, get a decent looking site online for you, and then move on to your next project.

Most website design companies just want to get your money’s worth and move on to their next project faster.

Since you are left to go alone, let me hold your hand and show you some things (not in any particular order).

Mobile friendly.

First and foremost, your website looks like a beautiful work of art on a desktop computer, but many web design companies do not make mobile-friendly versions of your website. So, when people see it on a cell phone or tablet, it looks like a literal mess with incorrectly configured graphics and links that don’t connect properly.

Did you know that about 40 to 50 percent of those who visit websites come from mobile phones?

Did you know that about 40 to 50 percent of visitors to websites come from mobile phones? If your site is not easy to access and does not appear properly on someone’s cell phone, your potential user will “bounce” from the site in seconds and you will lose that person. If you think this is bad, Google also penalizes sites that are not compatible with mobile by dropping them down in search engine rankings, making it difficult for potential or returning users to find you. ۔

Many mistakes are nothing more than common sense. Let me ask you, when you go to a website you have never visited before, what are the most frustrating things to you? Let me tell you what frustrated me at the end: I couldn’t find what I was looking for quickly and easily.

Purchase information.

This leads us to Mistake # 2: Not finding your store’s physical contact information. Your contact information should be very close to the top of the homepage and in every “footer” (below the pages of your website). You should have a clear “Contact Us” page and, on mobile devices, your address and phone number should be easy to click across the site.

Too many words.

Mistake # 3 is according to your website visitors who are unable to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily: being too literal.

Websites that are full of words and pictures just want someone to run away.

Too often, a shop thinks that if they include all the information they can about their facility on their website, the customer will be “wow” and want to drive inside. But if your website is very literal, site visitors are going to be overwhelmed and frustrated when they have to get a lot of information to find basic information. When you use highly technical terms, especially on the homepage, you will overwhelm your visitors and not communicate with them properly.

Very busy

Making your homepage or other pages too busy is another common mistake I see. Going to a website that is full of words and pictures just wants someone to run away. Keep your message smooth. Use other pages of your website for details, but keep your homepage clean.

Even on these other pages, you don’t want to write an article about how frame machines and jigs work and include every picture you’ve ever taken. Use the KISS (simple, stupid) method and you will see that your visitors can read what you have written.

Meaningless logo

The next mistake you can make on your site is to use a logo or imagery which means Mr. Regular is not for the consumer at all. The I-CAR, ASE and VeriFacts logos are completely foreign to most people who don’t work in the collision industry, so plastering them on your homepage only creates more clutter. Are they important and valuable training achievements to be proud of? Of course! Training is very important, especially today. But unless you are trying to sell your competitor, remove those logos from the front and center locations and make room for things that are actually important to a consumer.

Google and Yelp.

For front and center locations, I see a huge shortage of stores hitting it with five star Yelp and Google reviews but not mentioning those reviews on its homepages. Highlight your great Yelp and Google reviews where people can see them. You’ve cut your tail to get these amazing reviews, and there’s nothing more impressive than peer reviews, so show them. Do you have great reviews from the Better Business Bureau? A + rating? This is more important to your website visitor than your harmless affiliations with body shop organizations.

Stock photography

I see a lot of web designers in all industries use stock photos on their sites. This is a big mistake! You should use your personal photos on your site. We want to connect with our visitors to make them feel they know us and want to do business with us. If you don’t have any professional photos of your shop or staff, invest and buy some. Use your photos to decorate your site and get your messaging home. Then, your website visitor will not only get information about your store but also feel that they are familiar with you, which increases conversions.

Old photography.

You might think, “Well, about eight years ago we had CSR take some great pictures with its flip phone, so let’s just smash them on our website.” no! stop! do not do it! Another mistake is to use old, outdated images on your website. These may be some great pictures, but when I was looking for an online body shop, I didn’t want to see pictures of your store a decade ago. This is because when I draw towards your shop, what I see will be very different from what I imagined in my head.

Not only are you aging and becoming irrelevant, but you are hurting yourself and your business. You may have painted your building. Your little bushes are probably big and beautiful with flowers. You may have updated your logo and you may have fresh hints about DRPs, certifications or dealership partners that are not in these old photos. You’ve worked hard to become the best in your industry and to be at the forefront of the technology game in repair, yet no one will know what you’re painting there.

Poor quality photos.

Mistake # 9 is related to your photography. Whether the images on your site are professional, taken with a Polaroid camera or stock photos, I see a lot of images that are blurred (low resolution / granular).

Most stores do not realize that their websites are a reflection of them. If you are the latest (and I hope you are entrusting your life and the lives of your families to you when you are repairing your cars), you need to look like this! Why do you think my grandmother dressed me up like a little dolly and wrapped me in furry socks, shiny shoes and curling bangs around the mall? That’s because he felt I represented him and who he was.

Old photos and granular photos tell your visitors out loud that you are behind the times. Your photos need to be resized. If your website designer has added images that are a bit blurry, you need to talk to them immediately. As far as I’m concerned, this is something that is unacceptable on any website in the 21st century.

Back end

For the last point of this article, I would like to point out the business owners who are not only forgetting to keep the front of their website updated (the part of the website that your visitors see). If you don’t have someone who is regularly updating and backing up your site, you need to trust me or someone to create an automated, monthly process.

Why is it so important to keep your website up-to-date? Most websites these days are built using “plugins”. Like the apps on your phone, these plugins need to be updated to run properly. And, like your phone, some of these apps need to be updated twice a month, while some other apps need to be updated once a quarter. Your phone will automatically update these apps for full functionality, while you will need someone you trust and update your website.

If the plugins on your site stop running properly, they can cause a lot of problems, the biggest problem is that the visitor will not be able to view the content of the website properly. If this is a map plugin, the map will not suddenly appear and indicate that there is something wrong with the site. This is a big number for a potential customer. If this is a contact form on the site, you may not receive a message from someone who wants you to repair their vehicle.

Another problem is that outdated plugins are an important way that bots (also known as malware) can hack into your site. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Once your website is hacked, it can be a huge pain to fix it and clean up all the bots as well as repair all the coding as well as malfunctioning them. Sometimes you have to scrape your entire site and completely rebuild a new site from scratch! I’ve seen it happen, and it’s a big project and a cost you don’t want to deal with.


I’m going to give one last tip because I can’t talk about it: I need to have an SSL certificate on my website. If your website starts with http: //, you do not have a security certificate on your site. This means that your website appears unsafe for visitors, which is an immediate turn-off for them. In addition, it increases the risk of your website being hacked and is penalized by Google, which will hurt your search engine rankings.

You can purchase SSL certificates through the company that is hosting your website. If you are unsure if you have an SSL certificate, visit our website now. If your site displays a lock icon next to the URL, you’re good to go! If it shows “unsafe” next to your site then you are not good. You can click on the URL. If this happens, you need to get an SSL certificate. If it shows that your website starts with https: // (with an “s”), then you’re good to go!


If you would like to hear some more tips or additional information about some of the things in this article, visit and listen to the podcast, “Top 10 Website Mistakes for Body Shops (Part 2).”

Remember, if you have any questions, contact me and my team. We’d love to help you fix your website’s errors and convert more leads! In the meantime, what website errors are you making that you didn’t even know about?

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