Australia Covid news live update: Queensland braces for domestic issues as Melbourne wakes up to relaxed restrictions | Australia news

The Doherty Institute model, which was the basis of the National Plan that was agreed upon in the National Cabinet, said 80 percent [vaccination] Closures were unlikely.

It may exist, but it will be temporary [and] targeted. In this case we have the social welfare system that provides this support.

The current COVID disaster payments are an emergency payment. The Commonwealth now provides more than $1 billion in taxpayer money each week.

These contingent payments shall expire, That is why we have put in place a 70 to 80 percent transition plan [vaccination].

I don’t think anyone has called $300 billion in economic support a miser.

If you look around the world… whether it’s the UK, the US, Canada, or Japan, people are starting to learn about their normal lives. Learn to live with the virus in a safe way from COVID.

Since our vaccination rates are at 70 and 80 percent, we need to do that as well. So today’s announcement supports our plan and allows Australians to get their lives back.


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