AusNet confirms controversial power line route through over 200 Victorian properties

Electric transport company AusNet Services has announced the proposed route of a controversial power line through western Victoria.

The 190 kilometer long transmission line runs from Sydenham in northwest Melbourne, to Bolgana near Stawell in western Victoria.

AusNet said that high-voltage power lines could not be built underground because that would require significant removal of soil and vegetation and would disturb Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.

The company also said burying the transmission line would cost 16 times more than stringing overhead wires.

But there are three sites along the proposed route where Aboriginal cultural heritage and other important sites could be affected at Hepburn Lagoon, Darley and Milton Aerodrome.

Ausnet . Map
AusNet has announced the proposed 190 kilometer transmission line between Sydenham and Bolgana in Victoria.(supplied; Ausnet )

More than 200 drugs have been affected

AusNet Services said the proposed route would pass through 240 private properties.

“Sharing the proposed route will now ensure much-needed clarity for 220 of the 460 landowners who were within the single lane,” said Stephanie MacGregor, West Victoria Transport Network project manager for AusNet Services.

“They now have confirmation that their property is not on the proposed route.”

The project will now go through the Environmental Impact Statement (EES) process for final consideration by the Victorian Government.

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