Aurora School security officer has been recognized for his response to the shooting during the shooting outside Hinckley High School

AURORA, Colorado. (KDVR) – Three events in hospital after a Hinckley High School shooting in AuroraBut the city’s police chief says the heroic actions of the school’s security officer may have prevented the situation from deteriorating.

“I want to applaud his actions. He did an amazing job here today,” said Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson.

According to the director, the officer responded “heroically” by shooting during the shooting and then placing a tourniquet on one of the students who had been shot.

All three people shot, two students from Hinckley and one student from The Avenues Alternative School, are expected to survive.

Without identifying the student, Wilson said he believed one of them was a suspect.

According to Wilson, security has been beefed up at all city schools since Monday’s Nom Park shooting that injured six Central High School students. This allowed a quick response from the security at the scene and the city police.

“SROs responded quickly and I want to thank the men and women of the Aurora Police Department, as you can see, they responded here quickly and were able to close the school and make sure the students were safely inside,” Wilson said.


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