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Audo POS Dashboard | POS sales track


A better business record can guarantee your organization countless benefits.

If you have a good record of your sales, you can make effective future plans for your business that measure past and present performance. Similarly, using a point of sale in your store or restaurant. You need to keep a record of total sales, most sold items, discounts and many other things related to POS.

However, recording data is never easy for anyone and when we work with a huge amount of data then it becomes very complicated.

So, to solve it, we have come up with it Audo POS Dashboard Module This module allows you to keep POS sales details in the form of graphs and data. It shows top 5 products, high customer, high sales, peak times, etc.

Additionally, you can download PDFs of graphs and view data for different times.

Additionally, it can represent dashboard data in multiple perspectives / views such as: bar graph, pie chart, donut chart, progress bar, line view, and more.


1. The Audo POS Dashboard module helps you keep track of POS sales.

2. It shows your POS top 5 products, high customer, high sales, high time, etc.

You. You can print data reports in PDF format.

4. The module represents multiple graphical to track data, namely pie chart, polar area chart, line graph, donut chart, radar chart, and bar graph.

5. You can see the details of the statistics of the delegates.

6. You can set goals for your sales.

7. Also, you can zoom the view representation for better tracking.

8. You can use the following filters to find out the following statistics: Today, Last Week, Last Month, and Last Year, etc.

9. In addition, you can modify the displayed data according to your needs if you wish.


1.) Once you purchase Audo POS Dashboard From the module web call store, you will find a link to download the zip file of the module.

2.) Remove the file from your system after the download is finished. You will see a folder named. “wk_pos_dashboard”.

Copy and paste this folder into your Audo Advance path.

Now open the Audo app and click on the Settings menu. Here , Click Enable Developer Mode.

5.) Next, open the Apps menu and click ‘Update module list’.

6.) In the search bar, remove all filters and search “wk_pos_dashboard”.

7.) You will now see the module in the search results. Click on ‘Install’ L to install it.


1. Log in to your Audo database, and go to ‘POS Dashboard’.

2. Go to POS Dashboard> ‘Formation’ To create a dashboard for the sale of POS.

In POS Dashboard configurations, create a POS dashboard for sale.

the. After entering the name of the dashboard, you can set your sales targets specifically to follow.

  • Target sales amount
  • Targets Order No.
  • Quantity target.
  • Invoice orders target.
  • Discount target.
Specify dashboard goals for each activity.

Additionally. Additionally, here you can create a default representation / graph for each activity. The image below shows a separate graph view for each activity.

Set the graph representation.

This. Similar POS shows the set goal and the level of achievement.

Targets and accomplishments will appear on the POS dashboard.

6. Here, you can see a detailed view of POS sales, today’s orders, today’s sales and today’s goods sold in large boxes at the top.

Also, you can see the detailed information Top 5 products And Top 5 orders Also, you can change the view / representation of the graph.

Detailed view of sales and POS dashboard.

7. You can use the filter to view records for a specific time range, ie today, last week, last month, and last year.

Can see the first five products sold.

8. Here, you can see the top 5 customer records, and sales statistics. Also, you can download the PDF file of the graph and view it later and edit the graph by clicking on ‘Edit button’

Edit the graph and download the PDF of the graph.

9. This picture shows sales category wise and sales payment.

The POS dashboard also displays sales by category and payment.

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Current product version. 1.0.0

Supported Framework Version – Audo V14

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