Atomic layer deposition market size will reach 7.5 billion US dollars by 2030

The atomic layer deposition market size is expected to reach $7.5 billion by 2030 from $3.7 billion in 2020, and is expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 7.3% from 2021 to 2030.

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Atomic layer deposition is one of the most popular methods for producing thin films. These thin films are widely used in communications devices, integrated circuits, transistors, liquid crystal displays, LEDs, solar cells, computer chips, and in many other applications. This has become an important part of human life. Therefore, the extensive use of thin films generally made from atomic deposition techniques is driving the growth of the worldwide market. Moreover, the increasing adoption of miniature devices and equipment in various industrial manufacturing units is boosting the growth of the atomic layer deposition global market. Rapid urbanization and rapid industrialization are key factors that are expected to fuel market growth especially in the developing economies of China, India, Brazil and South Korea.

The critical factors responsible for the growth of the market are:

  • rapid manufacturing

  • Government policies to attract foreign direct investment in developing regions

  • The growing demand for electric cars and the growth of the automotive industry

  • The sustainable growth of the white goods industry around the world

  • Increasing production of small appliances and equipment

  • Fast growing medical equipment manufacturing industry

  • High demand for solar devices

sDealing with the atomic layer deposition market a report

Report coverage


Market size in 2020

3.7 billion USD

Growth rate from 2021 to 2030

Compound annual growth rate of 7.3%

biggest market

North Amarica

The fastest growing market

Asia Pacific

base year


prediction period

2021 to 2030

covered slices

Product type, application type, and area type

Highlights Report

  • By product, the aluminum oxide segment dominated the global atomic deposition market in 2020. The extensive use of atomic layer deposition technology to produce aluminum oxide thin films has contributed significantly to the growth of this segment. The growth of this sector is directly related to the growth of the electronics and automotive industries.

  • By application, the solar devices sector is estimated to be the fastest growing sector. Growing concerns about global warming have led to the growth of government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. This has led to an increased adoption of solar energy worldwide. Therefore, the increasing demand for solar devices is expected to boost the growth of this segment during the forecast period.

Regional shots

The Asia Pacific region is the dominant and fastest growing market for atomic layer deposits. The atomic layer deposition market in Asia Pacific is mainly driven by the huge number of electronics manufacturers in economies such as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and India. This has resulted in increased consumption of atomic layer deposition in the past. Moreover, increasing government spending on building infrastructure to attract major electronics and automotive manufacturers to set up manufacturing units in the region is expected to positively influence the growth of the atomic layer deposition market in this region.

North America is the second largest market after the Asia Pacific region. The rapid growth of industries led to the growth of the market in North America. Moreover, the presence of major players in the automotive market such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motors and General Motors has contributed significantly to the growth of the atomic layer deposition market in the region. Moreover, the growing popularity of electric vehicles is a major factor that is estimated to boost consumption of atomic layer deposition technology in the developed markets of Canada and the United States.

market dynamics


The atomic layer deposition market is largely driven by the increasing demand for logic chips and foundries to expand production. Moreover, the increasing demand for high-performance processors and the development of 5G smartphones is expected to boost the growth of the global atomic layer deposition market during the forecast period.


The high costs associated with the use of atomic layer deposition techniques and costs associated with research and development are a major factor that may hinder market growth during the forecast period.


The increasing investments towards the development of V2X (Composite for Everything) and M2X (Machine for Everything) is expected to provide new opportunities for market players in the atomic layer deposition market. V2X and M2X are wireless communication technologies that require extensive use of atomic layer deposition technology.


The increasing demand for innovative and embedded technologies has led to the development of technological challenges. Technologies are now becoming more complex due to the complexity of device structures. Hence these complexities must be dealt with by market players to sustain growth.

Sectors covered in the report

High School

  • aluminum oxide

  • Metal

  • catalyst

  • plasma enhancer

  • Aharon

According to the application

  • solar energy devices

  • Semiconductors

  • electronics

  • Medical Equipment

  • Aharon

by geography

  • North Amarica

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • rest of the world

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