Atlanta lawyers plan to sue the perimeter access to the apartments. After the Blast – CBS Tampa

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — Lawyers representing victims of an apartment explosion at the Arrive Perimeter Apartments in Dunwoody have announced plans to file a lawsuit.

Thirty-year-old Jasmine Johnson has lived in Building 2 of the complex since February. You would have never imagined what happened on a Sunday afternoon. “There was a massive explosion, and I was thrown into the wall,” Johnson said. “I was so scared, and I’m thankful for my dog ​​that it woke me up.”

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The explosion injured 4 people and displaced a number of others. Lawyers for Stuart Miller Simmons are on trial representing Johnson and several other residents, and they plan to sue the property. L said. Chris Stewart, one of the lawyers: “The pool and the management company Trinity have played Russian roulette with the lives of countless individuals, and countless members of minorities.” “Multiple sclerosis. Johnson goes back and forth to the hospital. Future surgery for her shoulder,” he said.

Lawyers say residents complained of the smell of gas long before the explosion. “I was smelling gas for two to three days. I thought it was coming from my garage so finding out it was from something else is really frustrating,” Johnson said. Whether it’s because they’re minorities.” Another lawyer, Madeline Simmons, said: “We found it really upsetting to find out that they knew it, and they failed to do anything to prevent it and then this explosion happened.”

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The city of Dunwoody shut down gas on Monday after two unrelated leaks were found. They issued a statement Thursday evening, noting that “all parties are making every effort to restore service as quickly and safely as possible.” “The fact that an apartment complex and its management company aren’t going to go out there and fix the gas complaints, which you know could lead to an explosion, is a no-brainer,” Stewart said. Many people need jobs now. If you’re understaffed, hire someone, but that won’t happen here. He said.

DeKalb County Fire and Rescue says it is not investigating the blast, as there was no fire. They say it is up to the property’s insurance company to officially confirm whether the gas leak has caused this to happen. Lawyers also cited other maintenance issues that residents complained of that the property had not been dealt with, including dirty air ducts.

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CW69 contacted for the second time Errave Perimeter Rental Office and Trinity Property Management, and there was no immediate response.


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