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Astroworld Festival – Latest: Travis Scott is “devastated” by a fatal tragedy as the mayor calls for investigation

Officials said at least eight people were killed and several others injured during the Astroworld music festival

At least eight people were killed and hundreds more injured after a large crowd on the opening night of the Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, Texas.

A major show sold out entirely by rapper and festival organizer Travis Scott Friday night turned fatal when guests began shoving toward the front of the stage, crushing some and leaving them unable to breathe.

The show was canceled and 17 people were hospitalized, including 11 who were in cardiac arrest, according to Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena.

More than 300 people were also treated at the scene in NRG Park, where a field hospital has been set up. The crowd started just before 9pm local time, with about 50,000 people in attendance.

On Saturday morning, the mayor of Houston vowed to “leave.” [no] Stone unturned” while his government is investigating the incident, while Mr Scott said he was “completely devastated” in a love letter to his fans.

Broadcast footage of the event showed the rapper pausing his performance when an ambulance arrived at the venue, NRG Park.

Follow the latest updates below:


A 10-year-old boy was injured

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the dead ranged in age from 16 to 23, telling CNN: “This is a young crowd.”

He confirmed that one of the injured was a child who may not be more than ten years old.

Io DoodsNovember 6, 2021 19:45


Houston mayor calls for investigation

The mayor of Houston said he’s leaving [no] Stone unturned” while launching a “comprehensive review and investigation” of the Astroworld disaster in his hometown.

Sylvester Turner, a Democrat who took office in 2015, told CNN he was demanding a “detailed briefing” from Live Nation, the party’s organizer, and local emergency agencies on how the event could spiral out of control.

“We will not leave any stone unturned,” he said on Saturday. “We want to look at every detail individually to determine what led to this and what additional steps need to be taken to prevent this from happening again, especially in this city.”

As he told the New York Times: “We had more security there than we had in [baseball] World Championship matches… We’re looking at all the possible causes of this accident or what caused the cardiac arrest. We don’t take anything off the table.”

Houston police are monitoring camera footage and talking to party promoters and witnesses to find out what happened.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner vows ‘to leave nothing unchanged’ in Astroworld disaster

Lauren Eo DoddsNovember 6, 2021 18:55


Astroworld organizer has a history of safety violations

Records revealed that the concert company behind Astroworld Festival was fined for serious safety violations in 2017 by the US government.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a $13,500 (£1,001) fine on Live Nation Worldwide, which was reduced to $2,700 by a judge after an appeal.

OSHA List He doesn’t give exact details of the problem, but he cites a US law regulating controls and restraint systems designed to protect employees from falls while working at heights.

The “severity” of the violation was 10, the highest possible rating.

In another incident, the company was fined $11,000 when a non-union employee was injured by a six-foot steel pole falling at an event in California, According to the Houston Chronicle,.

The Chronicle also reported that Live Nation was sued by a concert guest who broke her leg during a stampede at the Gwen Stefani show in North Carolina in 2016.

That lawsuit describes how a reckless remark by Ms. Stephanie about the availability of seating near the stage led to “a stampede of patrons rushing from the garden seating area through the reserved seating area and toward the front of the performance stage, with people knocking, breaching barriers and other security issues”.

On top of all of that, Live Nation remains under special surveillance by the US Department of Justice for its alleged violation of competition law when it merged with Ticketmaster in 2010.

Officials alleged that Live Nation repeatedly retaliated or threatened concert venues that attempted to use competing ticket companies.

Io DoodsNovember 6, 2021 18:36


Travis Scott: I’m totally broke

The rapper topped the festival Travis Scott He also issued a statement.

He wrote, “I am completely devastated by what happened last night.” My prayers are with the families and everyone affected by what happened.

“The Houston Emergency Department has my full support as they continue to consider the tragic loss of life. I am committed to working with the Houston community to heal and support families in need.

Thank you to Houston PD, Fire Department, and NRG Park for their prompt response and support.

Lauren Eo DoddsNovember 6, 2021 16:19


Texas Governor issues a statement

Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, issued a statement regarding the incident:

What happened at Astroworld last night was tragic, and our thoughts are with those who lost their lives and those injured in the horrifying crowds.

Thanks to the first responders and good Samaritans who were on site and immediately took care of those who were injured in the crowd. The state of Texas is ready to assist in the response, and has directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to make state resources available to support the investigation.

Ask Texas to join [First Lady] Cecilia and I raise a prayer for those affected by this tragedy.

Io DoodsNovember 6, 2021 15:39


All we know so far

my colleague Sheila Flynn He did a roundup of everything we know so far about the Astroworld disaster. You can read it here:

Io DoodsNovember 6, 2021 15:36


Astroworld: A rapper’s playground on the site of an old amusement park

The Astroworld Festival was founded just four years ago by Travis Scott himself, on the nostalgic foundations of an old theme park called Six Flags Astroworld, which closed in 2005.

Scott, 30, grew up in Houston and visited the park “countless times” as a child, but the site has been vacant for years as the owners have repeatedly tried and failed to sell it.

Mr. Scott decided to name his third album after The Garden, We say GQ in 2017: “They tore up Astroworld to build more residential space. This is what it would look like, like taking a park away from the kids.

“We want it back. We want the building back. That’s why I’m doing it. It took the fun out of town.”

Album art for Astroworld album

(Travis Scott / Instagram / Amanda Lepore / David LaChapelle)

The inaugural festival in 2019 attracted 50,000 guests, and the 2020 edition was canceled due to Covid, so hopes are high for 2021.

According to CNN, there have been no previous reports of safety issues at the festival.

Lauren Eo DoddsNovember 6, 2021 15:08


The fire chief says most of the victims are in their twenties

Most of the people who were transported in the emergency vehicles were in their 20s, Assistant Fire Chief Larry Satterwhite said.

Speaking about previous reports of people breaking through barriers to enter the festival without tickets, he said: “Often, children don’t make the best decisions, because they are young and so accommodating…

“I think there was a lot of people, a passion, to see this artist – I don’t know, and a lot of bad decisions.”

Io DoodsNovember 6, 2021 14:44


Police investigate ‘mass drug bust’

Citing internal sources, the reporter said that unknown people, including a 10-year-old, may have been targeted, which could lead to panic as guests ran for safety.

Io DoodsNovember 6, 2021 14:06


Astroworld releases statement: Saturday show has been canceled

The Astroworld Festival itself released a statement canceling the show today:

“Our thoughts are with the Astroworld family tonight – especially those we lost and loved ones. We are focused on supporting local officials however we can. With that in mind, the festival will not take place on Saturdays.”

As the authorities stated in their press conference earlier, they are looking into the series of cardiac arrests that have occurred. If you have any information relevant to this matter, please contact @HoustonPolice.

“Thank you to our partners in the Houston Police Department, the Fire Department, and NRG Park for their response and support.”

Io DoodsNovember 6, 2021 13:53

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