As shoppers face price hikes and shortages this Thanksgiving, some say ‘shop small’ – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun.

Some supermarkets are faced with empty shelves and limited products.

It’s a trend found in many supermarkets, but April Martin said, not in local Kroger stores.

“It’s been 19 months since the entire country has gone through supply chain issues. We’ve had some time to learn and grow from the challenges we faced a year ago,” said April Martin, director of corporate affairs for the Kroger Dallas division.

Her store tip is simple – don’t delay.

“Supplies may look good now, but our shelves may not look what they do — they won’t look the same on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving,” Martin said.

The Mercantile Project Micro Farmers Market brings artisans, farmers, and ranchers together in downtown Uptown, Dallas.

Melissa and Evan Tate own Tate Farms in Rockwall.

They sell beef, pork and lamb.

“We want people to know if you’re going straight to the farms, there’s no shortage. I’ve gotten rid of shortages because we’ll always have produce,” said Melissa Tate, co-owner of Tate Farms.

The Little Farmer’s Market offers just about everything you need to get busy this Thanksgiving.

For shoppers who still have trouble finding turkey or trimmings, Tates says, shop small.

“Try to find a local financier. Try to find someone who has that meat they raise on their farm. Evan Tate, co-owner of Tate Farms, said, “Find that out first, then go to other suppliers to get your products.

According to the USDA, there are fewer turkeys to roam this year than there were in previous years.

Many major grocery stores offer promotions and sales on turkeys in time for Thanksgiving.


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