As a sign of goodwill, we’re sending you 10 little-known facts about ‘The Witcher’ and all we ask is that you don’t hurt any of the hostages.

Picture of the article titled As a show of goodwill, we're sending 10 little-known facts about The Witcher and all we ask is that you don't hurt any of the hostages

Hello! We address ourselves as the individual within First Savings Bank on the Fourth and Grand. You are talking to the Onion Gamers Network. Please keep calm. We just want to talk to you. You are a professional We are a professional game press site. We can definitely come to some kind of agreement here, okay?

good good. Neither of us want things to get messy, so as a sign of goodwill, we’ll be posting these 10 little-known facts about the magicianAll we ask is that you don’t hurt the hostages, okay? are you ready? Here comes the first fact.

1. Witches are actually mutants

This is correct! The titular characters of the series aren’t wizards or wizards, but are actually mutated humans who have gained magical abilities, so let’s take it nice and easy and not lose our heads and end up doing something we might regret, okay?

2. Geralt of Rivia isn’t really from Rivia

Although he often refers to himself by the nickname “Rivia”, Geralt is actually a lesser-known Kaedwin, but associates himself with Rivia because it is the home of the Queen. Interesting stuff, isn’t it? Speaking of names, do you have one? It doesn’t have to be your real name, just something we can call you. We’ll call you Greg – is that ok? We went to high school with a kid named Greg. A real tough guy. Good and powerful name, Greg. Heh, sorry, you have to forgive us – we can get a little carried away sometimes. But let’s get back to work, shall we? Well, we will send you the next little-known fact.

3. Geralt is almost a century old

Did you know that despite his wit and powerful magical skills, the magicianThe protagonist is pushing 100 years? We think that’s interesting, but you’re telling us you want a helicopter too? Jeez, we’re just one print, Greg, there’s a lot of attraction for us here. Why would you want a helicopter anyway? Want to go to the airport? Want us to scramble on a plane, too? That means we have to bring in the FAA, federal guards, the whole shebang. No, no, we can do that, Greg, if that’s what you really want. But it will take some time, okay? While we wait, here’s another fact.

4. His distinctive eye scar is not from the books

Everyone in that bank must be bored by now, huh, Greg? Do you share these little-known facts with the hostages, or do you keep information like the Geralt eye scar the CD Projekt Red team added to yourself? Our sources tell us that a bank teller, Monica, a mother of three, is a huge the witcher admirer. And there’s an 80-year-old there named Alice Parsons who has a heart condition and never misses an E3 show. We’re sure she’d love to hear some little-known facts too. Well, you’re a decent guy, Greg, we’re sure you’ll share them. Prefer another one.

5. There is no such thing as a “Witcher’s Law”

You might be surprised to learn that the often referred to “Witcher token” isn’t real, but just an excuse that Witchers use when they don’t want to share, so how about letting a hostage go, just to show that we can trust each other? You still have a lot of hostages, so what difference is no one going to make, right?

We know, we know, this wasn’t the original deal, but what about Alice? Only one, only Alice. Christ is 80 years old! If she doesn’t get her meds in the next hour she’ll start getting sick, and if she dies there, well, we can’t help you anymore, Greg. So, why not send it?

This is correct. we will stay. Thank you, Greg! See, we knew we could both work together. And look, you’ll be fine. You told us you were a sensible man. Thank you, Greg. Thank you. You are doing an amazing job.

6. the magician It has two sequences, TThe Witcher 2: King Killer, And The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey, hey, let’s calm down, Greg, okay? Let’s just calm down. Hey, you’re right, you’re absolutely right. This was not an unknown fact. We know that. We know that, Greg, okay? you are right. you are right. Even the average fan will know about the two series – we’re sorry. Look, Greg, this wasn’t our call. That was the feds, okay? But the agent who made that decision was gone. He left. Don’t worry about it. You’re just talking to us from now on, okay? OK? No more tricks. Don’t take it hostage, Greg, they have nothing to do with this. How about another little-known fact, okay? Beautiful and easy. And we’re getting that helicopter you ordered, too. Come on, Greg. here we are.

7. Witches die

Witches are highly distrustful of their own power and abilities to hunt monsters, which leads to frequent attacks on their training facilities, and fewer and fewer wizards present. Are you there, Greg? Let’s go. Don’t get cold on us. Don’t let someone fuck ruin everything, okay? Work with us here. We have another little-known fact. This is about a Netflix adaptation, okay? there he is.

8. Henry Cavill has been around for a long time the witcher fan

We promise, that helicopter will be here soon. It takes a long time to get a helicopter to fly over a commercial area, you know, right, Greg? sure you do. But for now, we tell you that Superman himself, Henry Cavill, who has outdone more than 200 other artists at the fore in the Netflix adaptation, is a self-proclaimed player.

What games does he play? Well, Greg, we’d like to tell you that. Great to hear from you again, my friend; We knew you were too smart to let all this go into a simple misunderstanding. Sources say Cavill is also having fun half life, DrElta power, And world of cans.

We won’t provoke you, Greg – here’s the ninth little-known fact of the Witcher.

9. There was an ill-fated Witcher movie

Worthy huxerThe 2001 film failed with critics and audiences alike. Can you hear the helicopter? That’s right, we got it for you. We told you we would, right? Well listen, Greg, it’s been a long day, and what we have in mind now is to go home and have a cup of tea with the lady. Our only concern is to make sure no one gets hurt, and no one gets hurt by that, so let’s pass on the last fact while the helicopter lands and you can be on your fun way, okay?

10. Geralt has been featured in many video games outside of the the witcher Series

Picture of the article titled As a show of goodwill, we're sending 10 little-known facts about The Witcher and all we ask is that you don't hurt any of the hostages

Looks like you had sex, you son of a bitch. This is what happens when you lose focus! We tell you, there won’t be any unknown facts about her the magician Where are you going, pal: a federal prison. Now take this scum out of our sight.


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