Arsenal transfer news: A new price for the Premier League goal appears

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Arsenal transfer news: A new price for the Premier League goal appears

Sheffield United tell Arsenal they will need to pay more than £32m to sign Aaron Ramsdale, The Times Reports.

What’s the latest transfer news for Aaron Ramsdale?

The report reveals that Arsenal have already rejected two offers for the Blades goalkeeper, and the championship club have told Arsenal that if they want to sign the 23-year-old they will need to pay upwards of £32m.

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Why do Sheffield United want so much money?

The Times also reports reveal Sheffield United wants a lot of money for Ramsdale because he is English and was part of the team that Gareth Southgate chose for Euro 2020.

Bramall Lane also believes he is one of a select number of players who could raise significant transfer fees after being relegated last season. I pushed the blades 18.5 million pounds sterling To Bournemouth for Ramsdale last August.

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What is the current goalkeeper situation at Arsenal?

Arsenal’s current goalkeeper situation is very interesting to coach Mikel Arteta. as such Transfer Market It appears that the current squad includes three goalkeepers – Bernd Leno, Runner Alex Ronarson and Dean Iliev.

Among this trio, Lino is by far the first choice, as he did 117 appearances For the Gunners, compared to Runarsson who made Six appearances, and Elif who is yet to play for the first team.

There are some doubts about Leno’s long-term future at the club, such as football in London mentioned In May, Arsenal will open the sale of the 29-year-old in the summer transfer window should a suitable offer arrive.

That hasn’t happened yet because Leno is still an Arsenal player, but his uncertain future could be the primary reason the Gunners are making moves in Ramsdale’s favour.

With two years left on Leno a contractThis summer may be the last chance for the North London side to sell £19.8 million– Classified in German for big money.


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Where will Ramsdale among the most expensive Arsenal deals?

If Arsenal pay the £32m plus that Sheffield United want, Ramsdale will go down as one of the most expensive deals in Arsenal’s history. Transfer Market He states that the club’s highest fee paid to a player is £72m to sign Nicolas Pepe.

If the 6-foot-2 goalkeeper joined the club, it would be one of the 10 most expensive transfers. It will be their ninth priest, ahead of 30.6 million pounds sterling I paid Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

It will also cost Ramsdale more than Kieran Tierney, who cost £24.3mAnd he will be Arsenal’s most expensive goalkeeper as well, as Leno signed 22.5 million pounds sterling.

Bournemouth’s previous first number won’t come cheap. But with Leno’s future so uncertain, Arsenal may feel it’s worth going that extra mile for the player who could be a mainstay for years to come given his age.

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