Arizona State University protests show just how failing the justice system is in Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled at Arizona State University, but his interest in taking online classes there sparked a protest movement among some students.

Kyle Rittenhouse is no longer enrolled at Arizona State University, but his interest in taking online classes there sparked a protest movement among some students.

Corrections and clarifications: Kyle Rittenhouse never carried a gun across state lines. He was eventually arrested and subsequently acquitted by a jury. The Kenosha County District Attorney said that video evidence shows Jacob Blake was carrying a knife at the time a Kenosha policeman shot him.

The failure of the criminal justice system by Kyle Rittenhouse.


I said what I said.

That the failure of justice is directly related to Protest movement by some Arizona State University students Who wouldn’t want to share a class with a killer.

To make the obvious, I think Rittenhouse should have been arrested the night a gunman appeared to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake. I also believe there is enough evidence to prove his guilt of the murders and the weapons he faced after shooting three people, killing two of them, and to say he was there to protect property he didn’t own.

But he was not proven guilty.

Of course, it wasn’t.

The judge turned the Rittenhouse trial into a sideshow

The white youth was acquitted of five criminal charges in a trial in which the judge turned the whole matter into a sideshow.

Now we have Students who want ASU to ban it Because they think, as I do, Killa Kyle should be locked away from the rest of us who don’t think broken windows and stolen property are worth human life.

start blaming the judge, Bruce Schroeder, who turned the whole trial into a sideshow that seemed to have as much in common with justice as a pile of Clydesdale dung with a plate of birthday cakes.

Schroeder did not allow prosecutors to use the term “victim” to describe the people Rittenhaus shot. He was fine with defending using words like “naughty,” though.

The judge also caused a distraction during the proceedings when his mobile phone rang and played the song “God Bless the USA.” Donald Trump tune He used to go out during his walks.

Then he had Schroeder sit with him, shoulder to shoulder, while the jury was selected.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve covered court cases, been watching “Trials of the Century” on TV since OJ Simpson, and can’t remember seeing this move even once.

Appearing prejudice didn’t help anyone, including Cale

It all gave the appearance of prejudice, which was not fair to anyone, not even Rittenhouse.

No matter how bad his actions or how despicable his motives were, he deserved a fair chance at justice.

It doesn’t look like justice has been served here.

How fair would a minor be able to cross the state line and open fire on people who were outraged by a black man being hit in the back?

If a black person is shot in the back by the police for possession of a knife, why shouldn’t a white person be shot in the back for possession of a gun? A smoky, tall, intimidating gun?

And you’ll forgive me if I drew a comparison that isn’t quite parallel, but it wasn’t Tamer Rice was killed for possessing a toy gun? So a 12-year-old black kid could be killed in a Cleveland park by police for possession of a toy gun?

But a 17-year-old white kid in Kenosha who wasn’t immediately caught after shooting people with a pistol that looks like something soldiers might carry across the brush in Vietnam or the desert in Afghanistan?

It doesn’t seem like fairness.

No wonder students are protesting at Arizona State University

Consequently, student groups at Arizona State University are planning campus rallies and circulating online petitions, asking the university to make statements opposing white supremacy and to banish Rittenhouse from it.

For its part, the university said Rittenhouse has enrolled as an online student, but is no longer a student at ASU.

Rittenhouse said he’s been taking online classes at Arizona State University and that he eventually wants to attend in person.

And honestly He should be allowed, but since Judge Schroeder made the whole trial of himself, he’s left us all wondering if it was fair.

It doesn’t look like it used to be.

This leads to protests.

It would prevent Rittenhouse from continuing with his life, which he should be allowed to do after an acquittal.

I said what I said.

The failure of the criminal justice system by Kyle Rittenhouse.

We have all failed.

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