Arizona police officer who killed a man in a wheelchair fired | Arizona

that Arizona A police officer was fired amid anger over the killing of a shop robber who was in a motorized wheelchair and was slowly moving away from the officers when he was hit in the back multiple times.

Surveillance videos released by the Police Department showed Officer Ryan Remington of the Tucson Police Department slowly walking behind 61-year-old Richard Lee Richards through a parking lot outside Walmart on Monday evening.

Richards was accused of stealing a toolbox from Walmart and an employee called Remington, who was on a special assignment in the store. Police said Richards once waved a knife at an employee.

“Don’t go to the store, sir,” Remington can be heard yelling at Richards in police body cam footage as Richards approaches the entrance to Lowe’s home improvement home. As Richards continued to approach the entrance, Remington fired nine shots, hitting Richard in the back and side.

Richards slid forward and fell to the ground in front of a flower stand, soon with his hands tied by Remington.

He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said a Walmart employee approached Richards and asked him to show him a receipt. Richards pulled out a knife and said, “This is your receipt.”

According to Magnus, Remington ordered Richards to stop and turn over the knife, as he overheard a Walmart employee Richards saying, “If you want me to take the knife down, you’ll have to shoot me.”

Magnus condemned Tuesday’s shooting, saying, “His use of lethal force in this incident is a clear violation of management policy and directly contradicts multiple aspects of our use of force and training.”

He added that he was “deeply disturbed and disturbed” by Remington’s actions and “as a result, the Department moved earlier today to fire Officer Remington,” who had been part of the Tucson Police Force for four years.

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero declared Remington’s actions “unreasonable and indefensible,” adding, “It is moments like these that test our resolve to ensure justice and accountability. We owe this to all Tuscans.”

Mike Storey, an attorney representing Remington, condemned Remington’s termination and described the comments made by Magnus and Romero as politically motivated.

“These are unbelievable circumstances that I’ve never seen before,” he said, adding that Remington “tried to de-escalate the situation” so he had no other choice.

The Pima County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the shooting for possible criminal charges against Remington.

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