Are you short on Social Security’s maximum benefit of $3,895? | personal financing

For perspective, assuming all other requirements for maximum benefits are met, the maximum that anyone retiring at age 62, 65, and 66 can collect on a monthly basis this year is $2,324, $2,841 and $3,113, respectively.

You are a high income earner

In the same sense, waiting after the age of seventy Retires Not only does your potential monthly payments subsidize any more, the Social Security Administration also limits the amount of income used in calculating your monthly benefits. For 2021, only up to $142,800 of your annual earnings are taken into this designated account. Fortunately for those who earn more, the SSA has also stopped taxing income above $142,800.

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It is a number that comes with a main footnote. That is, this maximum profit figure is always on the rise, which reflects the constantly rising cost of living. In 2011, the Social Security tax income cap was $106,800. And in 2001, that ceiling was $80,400. As long as you earned at least the maximum SSA historical income each year you worked, you are still entitled to the maximum monthly payment of $3,895.


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