Arcade 1up announces its first children’s arcade machines – take a look at Jack.

Arcade 1 Up.

If you want to try the classic arcade games again. The Simpsons. And NBA Jam On affordable, real-life machines, Arcade 1 is your money-throwing company. But what about the next generation of gamers? To help children understand the joy of arcade machines, Arcade 1Up announced its first children’s machines, PAC Main And PAW patrol..

The new machines are part of the Arcade 1 Up Junior series. Each includes three games, a pint-sized arcade cabinet with an 8-ich monitor, oversized controls and a baby stool. Interestingly, these cabinets have built-in deception to help children get unlimited life and slow mood through sports.

Arcade 1 says it’s junior PAC Main The cabinet also comes along. گالاگا۔ And Excavation.. Special PAW patrol. The machine is called three unique titles. Chase is in a race., PAW Patrol: Kids on the go!, And Pow petrol of duty..

Cabinets are three feet long and are for children four to eight years old. Arcade 1 hopes to sell up. PAC Main Machine October 15 and PAW patrol. Cabinet on November 15, at Christmas time. Both Arcade cabinets cost $ 280 and will be available on the Arcade 1 Up website or through the company’s retailers (Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.).

Source: Arcade1Up by Engadget.

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