Appointed by Bevan Shields, Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald

Bevan Shields will become the next editor of Sydney Morning Herald As it looks to expand its lead as the best major label ad in the country.

Shields spent five years in Canberra as Federal Editor and Head of the Canberra Bureau in Announce And Age He has worked in London for the past two years as a correspondent for Europe. Shields replaces Lisa Davis, who resigned and left the major label last month after nearly a decade.

Bevan Shields is the new editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Bevan Shields is the new editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.attributed to him:Alex Ellinghausen

The Announce And ages Executive editor Tori Maguire said Shields was a talented journalist and editor who understood the newspaper’s history.

“Bevan has proven to be an expert on impact journalism, both as a reporter and as the head of the Office of Federal Policy in the metro,” she said. “His appointment comes at a crucial time for the principal, as we move from the pandemic crisis phase into election season, both at the state and federal levels.”

Shields, who began his role in January, will work with deputy editor-in-chief Cosima Mariner, who was recently promoted to the position. Shields has held several positions at Fairfax Media (now Nine Entertainment Co), including news director for regional digital media Fairfax and health reporter at Eloara Mercury.

“I am humbled, honored and hungry to lead the best newsroom in Australia,” Shields said. “New Year gives Announce A great opportunity to redefine who we are and what we believe in, and to rededicate ourselves to journalism that informs, challenges, entertains and surprises our amazing readers and subscribers.

“Under my leadership and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Cosima Mariner, Announce He would be bold, brave and think big.”

Shields’ appointment is the latest of several changes to newsrooms in Announce And The age. Former executive editor, James Chesel, is now director of Nine Publishing, and Maguire was promoted from her position as national editor to executive editor in July. The Announce Melissa Stevens was recently hired as a newspaper editor Sun Herald and Nick Calcoras, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Weekend Editions.

HeraldThe readership, which celebrated its 190th birthday this year, has reached 8.6 million readers according to the latest figures from Roy Morgan. It is the most read news brand in the country.

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