Apple’s best iPhone app of 2021 is Toka Life World.


All kinds of companies are compiling their best lists for apps. Google recently announced its best Android app, and now Apple is following suit by announcing Toka Life World as its best iPhone app of 2021.

“Ten years after the launch of its App Store, Toka Life World is reiterating its expertise in children’s play art and self-expression,” says Apple. If your kids haven’t downloaded the app yet, then it’s time, because it’s a privilege.

In addition to being the best iPhone app, Apple named LumaFusion, LumaTorch’s video editor, as the best iPad app. “LumaFusion has made video editing faster, less intimidating, and more portable for creators at all levels,” the company said.

For Mac users, Apple said that Craft is the best application of 2021. Explaining the app, Apple said, “Craft enabled creative performance and artistry through a notebook with seemingly unlimited capabilities.”

Sports streaming app DAZN won Best Apple TV app, and Carrot Weather won Best Apple Watch application.

On the sports side, League of Legends: Wild Raft Wright won the best iPhone game award. On the iPad, MARVEL The revolution of the future It was Apple’s best game.

Lots of other awards were given by Apple, so be sure to check out the list to see all the apps you’d like to download to your devices if you haven’t already.

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