Apple will pull the ‘iDOS 2’ DOS emulator from the App Store

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Apple will pull the ‘iDOS 2’ DOS emulator from the App Store

The creator of the app said today that IDOS 2, an app that allows users to play classic DOS games, will soon be pulled from the App Store.

According to IDOS developer Chaoji Lee, he tried to submit the IDOS update to the App App Store submit with a bug fix, but was told that the update was rejected because he had 2.5 2. App App Violates guidelines that state that apps cannot install or launch actionable code.

During the review, your app installed or launched executive code, which is not allowed on the App Store.

Specifically, your app performs IDS package and image files and allows iTunes file sharing and file support to import games. The executor code may introduce or modify the features or functionality of the app and allow unlicensed content download.

Please note that if educational apps may require students to read, develop, or test executable code, in limited circumstances, they may need to download the code for other purposes. Cannot be used and such apps should make the source code fully viewable and editable. User

Apple’s App Store team has given Lee 14 days to remove the criminal activity and submit an update, or be removed from the App Store.

iDOS 2 has been available in the App Store available since 2014, and its predecessor iDOS was first released in 2010. iDOS has dealt with Apple before, and in 2010, Apple pulled the original emulator app from the App Store. Changes have been made, and the app was allowed to return to the App Store in 2011, but there are still problems with Apple.

ITunes went 2 years without any updates due to Apple’s iTunes file sharing and file ownership restrictions without creating game files, but in 2020, Lee implemented document storage and once again the app Was able to update.

Since 2020, IDOS has been able to run games and programs acquired through file sharing, which Apple no longer allows. Lee says he never wanted to deceive and fool the reviewers and instead made it clear with each update how the app worked.

Lee says he’s not going to downplay the key functions of the IDOS 2 app to comply with Apple’s App Store rules, as it would be a deception for users who use the app for these features. Bought

IDOS 2 is still available for purchase at the moment, but Apple is pulling it out of the App Store soon.


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