Apple will now allow App Store developers to talk about buying directly from their customers.

Apple announced today that it has reached a proposed settlement (embedded below) in a lawsuit filed against it by developers in the United States. The agreement, which is still pending court approval, includes some changes, the biggest thing being that developers will be able to share information about payment for purchases outside of their iOS app or App Store – which means That is, they can tell consumers payment options that are not subject to Apple’s commission. The settlement also includes a new transparency report on higher pricing and app review processes.

The class action lawsuit was filed against Apple in 2019 by app developers Donald Cameron and Illinois Pure Sweet Basketball, who said the company was only competing to allow iPhone apps to be downloaded through its App Store. I am busy

In today’s announcement, Apple said it is making it clear that developers can use communications such as emails to share information about payment methods outside of their iOS app. As always, developers will not charge Apple for any purchases made outside of their app or app stores.

This will allow developers to communicate with customers via email and “other communication services”, which was difficult to do under the rules of the App Store, which allows developers to access contact information obtained from within the app. Prohibits contacting outside users. The settlement will remove the rule for all categories of the app, allowing developers to provide payment methods to willing users who avoid Apple’s commission.

In terms of price levels, Apple said it would increase the number of prices available to developers from 100 to 500. It has also agreed to publish a new annual transparency report that will share information about the app’s review process. Many apps have been rejected, customer and developer accounts have been disabled, “objective data on search queries and results” and the number of apps removed from the App Store.

The company also said it would create a new fund for qualifying developers in the United States that earned 10 1 million or less through the US App Store, which includes 99 percent of developers in the United States. Hagen Berman, one of the law firms representing the plaintiff in the lawsuit, said the fund would be 100 million, with payments ranging from $ 250 to $ 30,000.

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