Apple will make fewer iPhones in response to declining demand and supply.

A blue smartphone with two cameras.
Enlarge / The back of the iPhone 13.

Samuel Axon

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple has told suppliers that amid supply disruptions, demand for the iPhone 13 line of smartphones may be lower than the company’s original expectations.

Apple had planned to send 90 million iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max devices to consumers, but due to a lack of segment, the company cut its production target to 10 million phones. Reduced Consumers, meanwhile, have had to wait two, three or four weeks for their iPhone 13 orders since the phone’s launch in September.

Apple initially told retailers that it would re-build 10 million units in early 2022 once supply improved. But according to a Bloomberg report, Apple has seen a drop in demand, and the company no longer intends to meet that 90 million target in that time frame.

The decline in demand can be attributed to anything and can be difficult to explain. On the one hand, it is possible that consumers saw the iPhone 13 as an insufficiently large update compared to last year’s iPhone 12, which sold like hot cakes in what the business world calls a supercycle – a product. Launch window in which one or the other element likes new features or other. External economic forces are forcing consumers to upgrade more than usual. The iPhone 13 offers improved camera and battery life compared to the iPhone 12, but more.

On the other hand, the decline may be due to consumers deciding that the long-awaited iPhone 13 is not worth trying. Or maybe they’ve read rumors that next year’s model is expected to be a major redesign with quite a few new features. Economic factors such as new varieties of COVID-19, inflation, and much more can contribute.

That being said, Apple is still on track for a strong quarter – it may not be as big as the company and its shareholders had hoped, as the iPhone accounts for about half of the company’s revenue. And iPhone 13 Is Some (but not all) markets are becoming easier to track. In some parts of the United States, for example, some configurations are now delivered within a week or more, and phones are sometimes available for in-store pickup.

Little is known about next year’s flagship iPhone, but some leaks and reports suggest that the design may be new and that it may completely abandon the charging port. He also said that Apple is unlikely to continue offering smaller versions of the iPhone, as it has consistently fallen short of expectations as consumers turn to bigger and bigger screens.

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