Apple Watch Series 8 gets a new flat design

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 is rumored to have a completely new flat design. But haven’t we heard this before, and are the rumors true? You need to know this.

Apple Watch Series 8 design

“Is this déjà vu?” some readers will think. Last year there were rumors from Apple analyst Jon Prosser about an Apple Watch with a new flat design. But when it came down to it, the Apple Watch Series 7 was introduced with the same rounded design we’ve known since 2014.

Now, the same rumor about a new design is surfacing again for the Apple Watch Series 8. Apple leaker ‘ShrimpApplePro’ says a new flat glass for the Apple Watch is in production, which would confirm a modified design. The glass is currently still bent at the edges.

Is it right this year?

After Jon Prosser’s ‘blunder’ last year, people are a bit skeptical about these new rumors. However, according to Prosser, the problem lies in how his rumors were picked up.

He indicated at the time that the new design could also be for the Apple Watch Series 8, but other news sources focused mainly on the idea that it was for the Series 7. As a result, that nuance disappeared from the story.

Apple Watch ‘Rugged’

Prosser says this year that the new design is either for the Series 8 or for the ‘stronger’ Apple Watch that has been rumored for some time. This new model is said to have been specially designed for athletes.

Anyway, in September this year, we expect the new Apple Watch models – in rounded or flat form. Do you want to stay informed of the latest news about the new Apple Watch? Then Go to our new website: NEW GADGETS INFO

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