Apple Watch Series 7: How to Pre-Order

The new Apple Watch Series 7 was announced with the iPhone 13, iPad and iPad mini, but it’s the last device to launch Apple’s new fall product. The new model sits on top of Apple’s current lineup of smartwatches, which still includes the SE and Series 3. Featuring a slightly refurbished design and larger display, the Series 7 starts at 39 399 in either the 41mm (above 40mm) configuration or in the 45mm (above 44mm) configuration – each optional cellular With radio if you want to pay for your service. Career

Following Apple’s initial announcement they were billed to release “After This Fall”, we now know that the new models will be released on October 15, and you can pre-order them via Apple, Best Buy, Target and Walmart. You can order from

What’s new

The Apple Watch Series 7 features a new, larger display that draws the screen closer to the edges to provide a full flood of aesthetic and simultaneously more actionable information. It has a slight curve on its far edges, although Apple says the watch as a whole is more durable thanks to the 50% thick glass cover and better IP6X rating against dirt and sand.

The faces of the new watch, which is exclusive to the Series 7, promise to work with this extra-screen real estate, while the watch retains a body image that is closer to that of its predecessor. Apple has also improved charging speeds, including a new USB-C wireless magnetic fast charger with which it claims to provide up to 33% faster charging.

On the software side, the Apple Watch Series 7 runs OS 8 Watch, supports full swiping keyboard for text input, is compatible with new workouts, and retains all health tracking features. These are found on previous recurrences: sleep tracking, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, and detection of falls that are now registered during exercise. If you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch and prefer Apple’s latest and greatest iteration, there’s a lot to take advantage of.

The aluminum-linked Series 7 watches come in the way of Midnight, Starlight, a latest blue, (product) red, and a new dark green, so there’s a bit of a choice between whether you’re smart, Are bold or uneven. Watch. Break down what is presented here before we sink further into the specific sequence.

Apple Watch Series 7 lineup.

Model Order the color Price Pre-order
Model Order the color Price Pre-order
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminum) 41 mm, GPS. Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Red, Green. $ 399 Apple Best Buy Target Walmart
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminum) 41 mm, cellular. Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Red, Green. 499. Apple Best Buy Target Walmart
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminum) 45 mm, GPS. Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Red, Green. 429. Apple Best Buy Target Walmart
Apple Watch Series 7 (Aluminum) 45 mm, cellular Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Red, Green. 529. Apple Best Buy Target Walmart

Apple Watch Series 7 at Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue and Product (Red).
Photo: Apple

How to pre-order Apple Watch Series 7

You can pre-order your favorite order directly from Apple or a variety of retailers, with preliminary orders shipping on October 15th. Apart from your favorite color, the main options for you are size and touch. The base Apple Watch Series 7 configuration is a 41mm, GPS-only model that sells for 39 399. The 41mm version with cellular connection runs from $ 100 to over 99 499. If your wrist is large or prefers a larger screen, the 45mm GPS model only costs $ 429, while its cellular-equipped counterpart goes up to $ 529.

Pre-order all sizes, colors and configurations at Apple.

If you want an Apple Watch that you choose to band-standard, premium, or fixed length with your shit, then Apple has the most to offer. This is the only place where you can order an Apple Watch with a custom solo loop strap, although be sure to use the size guide. Delivery is initially expected on October 15, however, selected models will not ship until early November. If you choose to pick up at an Apple Store, it may still be the 15th.

Apple Watch Series 7

The new Apple Watch Series 7 reaches sizes 41 mm and 45 mm, with a larger design and larger displays in footprint. The Series 7 Generation introduces the latest selection of IP6X dust ratings and colors for faster charging, better stability. Prices start at $ 399.

Pre-order on the best purchase.

Best Buy’s site indicates that the Base 41mm GPS model will arrive on the day of release, while some other configurations with cellular connectivity are expected around October 25. The retailer has all the colors available for the size and touch of your choice, with each matching sports band.

Pre-order at Walmart.

Walmart has a variety of expected delivery dates for pre-orders. All pre-orders are expected to be sent by October 15, although some individual configurations have delivery dates of 15 to 21. Oddly enough, the red, 45mm LTE model notes an October 11 delivery date, although we would recommend not relying too much on its accuracy. Retailer listings can sometimes have errors as soon as a product is offered for sale, which is often corrected later.

Pre-order on target.

Target Aluminum lists every color and layout of the Apple Watch Series 7 as shipping until the October 15 release date. This can always change during the flight, but it’s worth considering if you want to get your new watch as soon as possible. Target Red Card members will also receive free shipping.

How to pre-order Apple Watch Series 7 from phone carriers

Most major phone carriers in the United States offer cellular Apple Watch Series 7 for pre-order, which may already be available for your phone if you prefer to purchase a smartwatch on a monthly installment plan. For cellular models, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all offer Series 7 in all their sizes and colors at the same price as Apple.

Apple has confirmed that you will get 100 100 back when you buy the cellular Apple Watch Series 7 through your store and activate it on Verizon or Sprint / T-Mobile.

Apple Watch Edition with Hermès strap.
Photo: Apple

More premium case options and custom configurator.

Apple has also introduced the latest top-end watch in additional case material over the years. This generation is no different, the Series 7 is available in stainless steel starting at $ 699 and the Titanium starting at $ 799, as well as the band options of the luxury fashion boutique Hermes. The easiest way to pre-order them is directly from Apple, as it has more options and not all retailers sell luxury watches – although Best Buy, Target and Walmart have stainless steel for some orders. Models are available. Most people choose aluminum, which offers the same functionality at a lower price, but premium models have a unique fit and finish.

Apple Watch Studio, Apple’s own online store designed to create custom Apple Watch configurations, returns to Series 7. And pay the configured price directly from Apple. This is the only way to order one of the popular solo loop straps with your Apple Watch, as those fixed length straps are only sold through Apple.

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