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Apple TV remote not working? How to pair and rearrange your Apple TV remote.

Is your Apple TV box not responding to your Siri remote button press? The Apple TV remote connection uses Bluetooth and is generally quite reliable, however if it stops working, your first step in resolving the problem will be to reconfigure the remote. Here’s how to do it.

Apple TV has been shipped with the Siri remote since the fourth generation model was released in 2015. The same steps work for both the first and second generation Sri Remote.

You may need to reset and repair the Apple TV remote if you notice that the button exchanges are not appearing on the screen, or if the touchpad is no longer responsive. You may be pressing a button on the remote but notice that the status indicator on the front of the Apple TV is not flashing to recognize that it has received a command. In these cases, the following reset steps will usually help.

Some of these issues are going to be due to hardware defects, in which case you should contact Apple Support for repair options. However, in many instances, a simple software reset trick will work.

First of all, make sure that the Apple TV remote is fully charged. If you are not sure, put it in the charger for a few minutes to make sure it has enough power. Then, follow the steps below.

How to Reset Apple TV Remote

  1. Turn on the Apple TV.
  2. Point to the remote on the Apple TV.
  3. Hold down the back and volume up buttons for five seconds.
  4. You should see a message appear on the screen. Bring the remote physically closer to the set-top box to complete the pairing process.

Are you experiencing Apple TV remote instability after updating to iOS 15?

Many users are reporting issues with the Apple TV remote after updating their Apple TV set-top boxes to the new operating system version, TVOS15. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. Many users are also finding that the problems go away on their own in a day or so. So if you keep seeing link alerts, maybe skip it one day or another and then see what’s happening. In the meantime, you can use the remote panel in the Control Center. Presumably, Apple will address this issue permanently in future software updates.

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