Apple TV app purchased / rented movies sometimes play without sound, users have reported mixed success in refunds.

Some users are increasingly frustrated with the Apple TV app because they are paying to buy or rent movies from the store, just to make sure there is no sound when they go to play content.

This seems to be happening on platforms where Apple offers the TV app, including third-party streaming sticks like TVOS, Smart TV, and Roku.

9to5Mac began receiving its reports in early July, but is unable to find a sample to diagnose the underlying cause. Obviously, this is not the case with everyone who rents something from Apple.

However, there is a lot of information about it growing in our inboxes and on Twitter that we are convinced that the game is a systemic issue, not just isolated incidents. There is a common problem where – sometimes – the sound disappears in the contents of the purchased Apple TV app.

The only speculation is that somewhere in China there may be a DRM copy protection bug that the TV app refuses to decode the soundtrack for users, even though they are doing so in a legitimate way.

To make matters worse, users are getting mixed results when they contact Apple Support about issues. Apparently, Apple Support can’t solve this problem and can’t offer a fresh copy of the movie while retaining the music – instead they just seem to give a refund to anyone who complains about it.

Unfortunately, not everyone is getting back. 9to5Mac spoke to a couple of affected users where Apple Support was unhelpful (probably didn’t understand the real issue) and would not issue a refund.

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