Apple threatens to leave the UK market over B7 billion patent dispute

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Apple threatens to leave the UK market over B7 billion patent dispute

Lawyers representing Apple have suggested that if the terms of the ongoing patent dispute are “commercially unacceptable” (through the company, it could exit the UK market). This is money).

UK patent holder Optis Cellular Technology has filed a lawsuit against Apple over patent infringement.

Last month, a British High Court judge ruled that Apple had infringed two patents on technology that enabled devices to connect to cellular networks. Optis has also filed several additional lawsuits against Apple over patent infringement. Kathleen Fox Murphy, a lawyer representing Optis, commented: “Everyone thinks of Apple as a market leader in smartphones, but Apple has to buy into the iPhone with most of the technology.”

Optis Cellular Technology and its sister companies, Pen Optus, Optis Wireless Technology, Independent Planet, and Independent Planet are international, non-practicing entities that hold patents and receive revenue through patent litigation. Otherwise known as patent trolls.

Last year, a Texas court fined Apple ڈالر 50 million for deliberately infringing on a handful of Pinnacles patents related to 4G LTE technology.

Apple is now facing a lawsuit in July 2022 over how much Optis should pay for patent infringement in the UK. Last year, the UK Supreme Court ruled that a UK court could set a price to pay Apple for all its patents worldwide, although the court only considers infringement of UK patents.

At a hearing earlier this year, Mr Justice Meade indicated that Apple would be “disappointed” with the rate at which the judge would eventually be expected to pay. Apple will be able to avoid the ban if it exits the UK market, but Med suggests that this is unlikely. “There is no evidence that Apple will not say so,” he said. [to paying the rate set by the judge], There is? There is no evidence that Apple will ever leave the UK market. “

Nevertheless, Apple’s legal representation response strongly stated that if the terms set by the court were “commercially unacceptable”, leaving the UK market could be an inevitable option for the company. Apple’s lawyer Marie Demetrio said:

I’m not sure that’s right … Apple’s position is that it should really be able to consider the terms and decide whether it is right to accept them commercially or to leave the UK market. There may be conditions set by the court that are only commercially unacceptable.

The unprecedented threat highlights the possibility of Apple ending its sales in the UK, perhaps by closing retail stores and reducing services to existing customers. Still, Apple is less likely to face that risk, at least because the UK is one of the company’s largest and most important markets. The App Store alone supports more than 330,000 jobs in the UK.

There will be a separate lawsuit later this month to determine whether Apple should make a legal commitment to abide by the payment rate set for next year’s trial. If Apple refuses to upgrade in court, it could be banned from selling infringing devices in the UK, such as the iPhone.

The controversy seems to be heating up dramatically, leading to a general patent troll case where companies obtain patents on a large scale, on a standard basis, and expect to lose money from other companies. Get together Global pressure to rein in powerful big tech companies has also fueled hostilities. In fact, in the UK, several of Apple’s allegations are currently being investigated.

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