Apple today began selling the latest version of the Rotor Wright game controller with the newly added “Home” and “Options” buttons. The controller, designed for use with the iPhone and iPad, is priced at $ 49.99 on Apple’s online store and is available in one to two days.

Rotor Riot is advertised as the only electric, full-size game controller available today. The direct lighting connection ensures low latency and eliminates the need to connect the controller wirelessly to the iPhone or iPad, and there is no shortage of battery in the controller as it runs directly from the device which It is connected to The controller’s built-in lighting connector allows throw-through charging of the iPhone or iPad while in use.

Comes with an optional “Zero Gravity Device Holder” in the controller box for use with the iPhone 6 and later. A complete list of devices compatible with the controller is available on Apple’s online store.

The controller looks otherwise similar to the previous version, with analog left and right joysticks, digital A / B / X / Y buttons, digital L1 and R1 bumpers, analog L2 and R2 triggers, digital L3 and R3 clickable. Finger sticks, and a digital D-pad

Other items included in Apple’s online store this week include Mophie’s portable Mag Safe Stand for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, new AirTag key rings from OtterBox and Incase, a 128GB USB-C flash storage stick from SanDisk, and A lot is involved.

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