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Apple iPhone 13 series always perform

Ulysses on Display (AOD) tech has been around for more than a decade, but so far Apple has been reluctant to bring this functionality to the smartphone. According to a recent Bloomberg scope Mark Garman Apple will introduce AOD functionality in its next generation of iPhone. On the iPhone, the AOD has been described as “always on mode like the Apple Watch” which displays useful information such as time, date and notifications, even when the screen is on.

Gorman also clarified that the next-gen iPhones will bring smaller markings, a 120Hz refresh rate (possibly specific to Pro models), an A15 chipset and upgraded video recording capabilities. The only sensible reason for Apple’s delay in bringing AOD to its iPhone is power management. Given the rumors of LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) in the iPhone 13 series, we can see realistically with the long-awaited AOD on Apple’s smartphones. Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is planning an initial shipment of 90 million units of its next iPhones, 20 percent more than the iPhone 12 series.

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