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Apple has the best privacy among all video streaming providers.

According to a new report, Apple TV and Apple TV + provide the best privacy in streaming hardware and services, although some of its policies are not completely transparent.

The non-profit organization Common Sense Media recently published a report rating the privacy of both streaming apps and devices, each service and hardware device by a number of standards – including those that sell data, and offer targeted advertising. Or create an audience profile.

According to the report, both Apple TV devices and Apple TV + streaming service had a higher level of privacy than competitors such as Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roko Streaming Stick +, and Nudia Shield TV.

Apple has a 79% privacy rating for its hardware set-top boxes because of its data collection policy. The Apple TV Box was also the only streaming device to receive a “pass” rating, while all other services were accompanied by a “warning” rating.

However, Common Sense Media reports that Google TV actually has the highest privacy rating – 81% – because “Google TV had a more transparent policy despite being involved in some of the worst practices of privacy.” Google TV received a “warning” not a pass.

The nonprofit says Apple “does not provide any information on how it protects the privacy of student data if the product is used in K-12 schools and districts.”

Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV +, also received a “pass” rating of 79% and Common Sense Media. The organization says this is because it is the only streaming service with a “privacy built-in design”. Like its hardware, Apple did not get the highest numerical score because it did not detail the privacy of students’ data.

As for other streaming services, Netflix actually got the worst score with 46%. This is because it targets users with ads and tracks them in other apps and services. Hulu came in second with 53 with because it sold user data, tracked users and targeted ads.

Like Google TV, YouTube TV has the highest numerical rating but still has the “alert” rating. In third place was Disney + with a privacy rating of 68. Common Sense Media says this is because it sells user data, targets users with ads, and tracks users.

Common Sense Media completed a 150-point comprehensive review of the privacy policy of each device or service and submitted a report. The full report is available here.


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