Apple has reported an increase in the price of the iPhone 13 to increase the production cost of the chip.

According to a report, Apple is planning to increase the price of the iPhone 13 series from its leading chip supplier TSMC to offset the rising cost of chip production. DJ Times..

According to the report, TSMC is planning to increase its chip production costs, which will affect many consumers, including Apple. TSMC reportedly wants to increase its spending on its “advanced and mature process technologies” by up to 20%. The new changes are expected to take effect in January.

TSMC has reportedly notified consumers of a 20% price increase for its innovative and advanced process technologies, the new prices of which will take effect in January 2022.

Sources said that the prices for TSMC’s latest sub 7nm process technologies will increase by 3-10%. Apple, TSMC’s largest client, whose orders account for 20% of the foundry’s total wafer revenue, will raise prices by 3-5%.

As a way to offset the increase in costs, Apple is reportedly considering increasing the cost of the upcoming iPhone 13‌ series in order to “reduce the impact of rising costs on their profits.”

Observers say that in the face of rising production costs, brand sellers can pass on the costs to the end users of the market.

According to market sources, Apple will set higher prices for its upcoming iPhone and other series. Multiple notebook brand sellers, who have increased their prices by 5-10% so far this year, continue to look for ways to reduce the impact of rising costs on their profits.

Apple is preparing for some improvements to the iPhone 13‌ this year, including features designed specifically for professional photographers and videographers. On advanced models of the upcoming lineup, Apple is rumored to add support for ProRes for rumored videos and portrait mode videos. Apple may see both of these features as justifications for price increases on its most premium iPhones.

Apple is expected to hold an all-digital event, including the announcement of the PiPhone 13‌ and Apple Watch Series 7 in just a few weeks. To catch up with what we know about the upcoming iPhones, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.


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