Apple has relaxed its App Store payment rules in a lawsuit.

Apple has agreed to email iPhone app developers to its users about cheap ways to pay for digital subscriptions and media, blocking the multi-billion dollar annual commission system for iPhone makers.

BERKELEY, Calif. – Apple has agreed to email iPhone app developers to its customers about digital subscriptions and cheap ways to pay for the media, a multi-billion dollar annual commission system for iPhone makers. Prevents

The waiver was announced late Thursday, covering emailed notifications but not allowing in-app notifications, in the wake of a preliminary settlement of a nearly two-year-old lawsuit filed by iPhone app developers in the United States. Part of A federal court judge will soon rule on a separate case brought by Epic Games, the maker of the popular video game Fortnight.

Apple announced the news in a “background” briefing with reporters in which it insisted on anonymity for participating executives and did not allow any direct quotations.

Under Apple’s long-standing rules, iPhone app makers were prohibited from e-mailing users to provide information about paying for services outside the app, which would cut Apple’s commission by 15 to 30 percent. Will

The discount now opens a way for app developers to persuade their customers to pay in other ways, as long as companies obtain customer consent.

Apple will also set up a $ 100 million fund to pay thousands of app developers between 250,000 and 30 30,000. App developers will have more flexibility to set different prices within their apps, increasing the options from about 100 to 100 selections.

The agreement addresses concerns raised repeatedly by U.S. District Judge Evan Gonzalez Rogers, who presided over the high-profile Epic Apple trial. He wondered why Apple could not allow developers to display a range of payment options within their apps, such as brick and mortar retailers showing different credit cards that they accept in addition to cash.

Apple still does not allow developers to use pro-users notifications within the app to explore various payment options.

But being able to email users to tell them why they should pay out of the app is a breakthrough for developers who have complained about Apple’s commissions for raising prices over the years. Are

Richard Cieslowski, one of the app developers who has sued Apple, praised the freedom to email users as a “game changer” in a declaration field with a court in Oakland, California. As a way to further reduce the commission paid to Apple in customer communications, “predicted Czeslawski, CEO of Pure Sweet Basketball.

Apple is already tampering with its App Store commissioning system in response to legal pressure and is scrutinizing lawmakers and regulators around the world to see if the company is blocking the store’s iron cloud control competition and innovation. Is.

Earlier this year, Apple reduced its app commission from 30% to less than فیصد 1 million in annual revenue for 15% of developers. As part of the settlement announced Thursday, Apple is guaranteeing that the minimum commission for small developers will be increased for at least three years.

But lower commissions don’t help the biggest app makers, such as Epic and Spotify, the leaders of a coalition trying to tear down Apple’s so-called walled garden that prevents outsiders from offering other options. Apple says it is blocking alternative stores from offering apps on its iPhone to protect its users and protect its privacy, while its critics say the company is only trying to save a cash cow that Makes billions of dollars in profits annually.

Tensions are likely to flare up when Gonzalez Rogers announces his decision in the Epic case.

Gonzalez Rogers will approve or reject the proposed settlement announced on Thursday. The hearing is set for October 12.


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