Apple has patented an all-glass iPhone.

Apple has patented an all-glass iPhone.

Last week, Apple One of the most unique looking device ideas ever patented: an iPhone that is completely enclosed in glass. The detailed concept has six display areas. Basically, it can photograph each of its six flat surfaces.

Oddly enough, the patent has already been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and Apple has dubbed it the “electronic device with a glass wall.”

For all intents and purposes, the sketches show the “device” as some repetition of the iPhone, with a row of apps with status icons shown above. Images also show examples where the display is able to wrap around the iPhone, creating the illusion of a smooth, unlimited display across the device, rather than clean cut surfaces.

Apple has even come up with some ideas on how to assemble and disassemble a glass iPhone for repair. The handset will likely be separated from the top or bottom of the iPhone by removing the so-called “cap” (as it is labeled in the patent), leaving the device’s components out.

It’s hard to imagine an iPhone made entirely of glass. Even if large-scale logistical challenges of component replacement and repair can be ignored, there are still many reasons why it would be extremely difficult to bring such a phone into the mainstream.

The first concern is the possibility of slipping. You really don’t want to cover any part of the six-way display with the case, and as one. Macromers The commentator said it may have “soap bar ergonomics.” Another commenter added that even with the Corning Gorilla Glass Wicks, the phone would still be as fragile as anything – making the slightest stray potentially fatal.

Another concern will be the weight, as the surrounding glass will be heavier than aluminum, which will further increase the chances of the device falling.

This glass phone concept is not the first for Apple, not a long shot. In fact, as mentioned Apparently AppleThe company has been patenting glass concepts for various devices for eight years. However, it is always interesting to find their most intriguing recap of the glass smartphone, and wonder if such a conspiracy could one day really make its way into the market in the future.

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