Apple has appealed in the Epic Games case that may delay the changes.

Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple Inc., arrived at the U.S. District Court in Auckland, California on Friday, May 21, 2021.

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According to company representatives and documents filed Friday, Apple has filed a notice of appeal in the Epic Games case and is seeking a stay of the restraining order.

If Apple wins the stay, which will be decided by a judge in November, the rule change could potentially allow developers to withhold App Store fees from 15 to 30 Apps until the appeals in the case are resolved. Go. Year

In September, Federal Judge Evan Gonzalez Rogers ruled in favor of Apple, with nine of the 10 counted in an antitrust trial brought by Fort Knight maker Apex. Epic was looking for the ability to install its App Store on iPhones. Apple’s general counsel Kate Adams said the decision was a “huge victory” at the time.

But Apple was also ordered to make major changes to its store and allow mobile apps to take users to out-of-payment methods, potentially avoiding Apple’s App Store fees. Provides path.

The order is currently set to take effect on December 9.

Apple has not publicly explained how its App Store policies will change under the order, but some developers have already begun building software based on their interpretation of the decision.

“At a high level, it is my decision that, without the implications for Sochi’s protection of users, developers and the iOS platform, this change will do more harm to users, developers and the iOS platform,” said Tristan Kosmenka, Apple’s senior director. Will deliver. ” App Review said in a filing Friday.

Apple spokesmen said Apple could change its App Store policy and engage with the judge.

Over the past year, Apple has made several small concessions to critics of its app distribution laws in response to lawsuits and regulatory attention as part of its strategy to limit major changes to its App Store. Apple has argued that it should be able to decide which software is allowed to run on the iPhone so that what the company says is a better user experience.

In a file explaining its founding reasoning, Apple cited some concessions made in August as part of a separate settlement with smaller developers. The ruling is still awaiting Judge Rogers’ approval.

Apple’s attorneys said in a lawsuit filed in the court that “the requested establishment will allow Apple to protect consumers and its platform while the company works through complex and rapidly evolving legal, technical, and economic issues.” Which will affect any revisions to this guideline. “

The judge also ordered APEC to pay damages to Apple. Apex Games filed a notice of appeal in September. A representative of Epic Games declined to comment.

If the app developers are finally able to bill their customers directly without using Apple’s app purchase system, it will be a threat to the company’s profit engine. The App Store is part of the company’s services business, which reported sales of فیصد 53.8 billion at 66% gross margin in fiscal year 2020, about 20 percent of Apple’s revenue.

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