Apple executives talk watch bands: emphasis on backward compatibility, design philosophy, and more

In a new interview, two Apple executives discuss the wide range of Apple Watch band options for Apple customers, how they are designed, and the thinking behind them.

Apple Watch Series 7 Rainbow Crop Blue
Evans Henkey, Apple’s vice president of industrial design, and Stan NG, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, recently spoke to HYPEBEAST about Apple Watch Bands.

Apple has a wide range of Apple Watch bands for consumers to choose from, and the design of the Apple Watch allows them to quickly customize their band, along with traditional watches. This is usually a difficult task to do.

Considering consumers’ ability to change the face of their watch, the style and color of the watch band, and the content of the Apple Watch’s casing itself, Hankey said consumers have an “incredible combination of potential combinations to use.” The certainty is in the thousands.

A notable feature of the Apple Watch is that bands from previous years have, so far, been compatible with new models of the same size. For example, with the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple increased the size of the case to 41mm and 45mm, and yet, the watch bands of the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch models are compatible.

Hanky ​​said backward compatibility is a top priority for the Apple Watch team.

From the first Apple Watch to today’s Series 7, band changes have been the basis of the product. Between the band’s style and color, the material of the watch housing, and which watch face you have chosen and customized, this system provides an incredible number of possible combinations, in thousands. Whenever we’ve improved the design of the Apple Watch, we’ve been pushing ourselves to keep up with the backwards compatibility, which is no small feat as the display has grown over the years.

For us, the band is not about technology at all – every band expresses their love of materials, crafts, and the process of making.

The Apple Watch band itself does not include any technology, but their design plays an important role in ensuring that the functionality of the Apple Watch is not disrupted. NG said the Apple Watch band features “innovations” to ensure they’re comfortable, and not ruin the Apple Watch experience.

For example, the velcro tabs on the Sport Loops, the magnets on the Melanie Loop and the Leather Link, and the nine sizes of Solo Loop and Bridged Solo Loop make it easy to adjust or find the right band size to fit perfectly.

This ensures that the watch is comfortable to wear – not too horny and not too loose – as well as enabling features like heart rate tracking, blood oxygen readings, and wrist detection throughout the day that will allow you to enjoy Apple. Allow Pay to use or securely unlock your iPhone. Without confirmation each time.

Apple designs its own band of bands, but it also works with top luxury brand Hermès. NG said Apple’s collaboration with Hermes is unique because both companies have a passion for detail, craftsmanship and storytelling. For the rest of the interview, executives go into more detail about some of the popular Apple Watch bands, such as the Bridged Solo Loop, Leather Link, and Melanie Loop. The full interview can be read here.


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