Apple today opened a new retail location in the Los Angeles area with the official launch of Apple The Grove. Apple has had the Apple Store in The Grove Shopping Area for almost 20 years, but the recently opened store is in a new location.

Apple Garden
To celebrate the transfer of Apple The Grove, Apple hosted a Q&A session last night with the cast of the popular Apple TV + show “Ted Lasso”, including Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Juno Temple, And more. Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the event and shared a tweet about it.

Cook also spent the day chatting with holiday shoppers at Apple The Grove.

Apple announced earlier this month that it would reopen Apple The Grove, saying the store was twice as large as the original. It is designed to serve as a “completely redesigned destination for the LA community” to learn about Apple’s products and services.

Over the years, Apple has been trying to redesign and update some of its older stores, and places like The Grove, which have grown to their original size, have been redesigned. Apple recently relocated Apple Valley Fair, a Bay Area location with more traffic than the original location, and has expanded to other flagship stores in San Francisco, such as Apple Fifth Avenue and Apple Union Square. ۔

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