Apple and Nordstrom stores robbed in California

A string of high-end store burglaries continued in California on Wednesday with a last-minute smash and grab at Apple and Nordstrom stores while holiday shopping continued.

“Bandits rushed into a Southern California store in Nordstrom the night before Thanksgiving and made off with expensive merchandise in the latest in a series of organized retail robberies,” according to the Associated Press. mentioned.

An Associated Press report indicated that five people, one of whom was wearing an orange wig, walked into the Nordstrom store located at Westfield Topanga Mall in the Canoga Park area of ​​Los Angeles.

The group entered the open store just before 7:00 pm local time. Law enforcement said the group took “seven to eight luxury handbags before escaping in a gray Ford Mustang.”

“It’s unfortunate because these people out here are just trying to shop for the holidays [and] to their families,” She said Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Allen Hamilton, according to Cal. We have posted additional officers here. It just so happened that this was part of the mall where they were able to get in and out, even with our officers posted here.”

The LAPD reportedly started a special task force made up of veteran burglary and murder detectives, who were patrolling the mall; However, the suspects chose a moment when law enforcement was not around.

The agency stated that one of the security guards in the store confronted the thieves, but he was attacked and his face sprayed with chemical spray. While law enforcement is still trying to determine what type of chemical was sprayed on the security guard, he was treated at the scene and later transferred to a local hospital.

On the same day, KPIX reported, “Police in Santa Rosa announced Wednesday evening that they are investigating a new daylight burglary earlier in the day targeting the Apple Store in Santa Rosa Plaza.”

KPIX noted that police described the group as four young men aged 14 to 18, wearing “mostly black or gray jackets and jeans with masks covering their faces.”

Law enforcement responded to a call shortly after 11:30 a.m. local time. Police said the robbery took place in front of customers and employees and that the perpetrators stole “more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from the store before fleeing the area in an unidentified vehicle.”

Breitbart News previously mentioned That other luxury stores in the San Francisco Bay Area were bombed over the weekend, including those in San Francisco Union Square Friday night, a Nordstrom location in the suburbs Walnut Creek Saturday night, Lululemon store in San Jose Sunday.

Breitbart News too mentioned The windows of Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue stores on famous Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive were smashed Sunday during an attempt to loot the company. In addition to the Nordstrom store in Grove Shopping Center on Monday evening, the police She said At least 20 people tried to break into the store as a window was smashed with a sledgehammer.

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