Anya Taylor-Joy sings the sexy hell of “Downtown” in the music video for “Last Night in Soho”

In a music video for her new movie “Last Night In Soho” released Wednesday, Taylor Joy’s stunning vocals give psychological thriller a nostalgic vibe.

She plays Sandy, the charismatic wannabe singer played by Eloise (Thomasin Mackenzie), an aspiring fashion designer “vaguely able to enter the Sixties.”

“But magic isn’t all it seems, and dreams of the past begin to split and split into something even darker,” according to the film’s YouTube feed.

Taylor Joy starred as a chess champion on “The Queen’s Gambit” that helped make her famous, but she also wanted to develop her own music, she told the site. den geek.

She said her family called her “Duracil Rabbit” because of her constant need to perform.

They’re like, ‘Where do we find the button to shut you down? “Because I always sing and dance, and I’m a public nuisance,” Taylor Joy told Den of Geek.

“Last Night In Soho” premieres on October 29th.

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